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Found 5 results



    VENDETTA Tired of protecting PVMers who don't even have PK gear with them? Bored of responding to calls only for your team mates to run and leave you when shit hits the fan? Sick of mass recruited meat shields with no PK experience? Apply for "VENDETTA" today Here at Vendetta our members have lead, managed and maintained multiple clans in holding the #1 position on the server over the years, yet we all realised one thing, "#1 clan" is an empty title when the only reward is a fancy cape and the responsibility of protecting the servers pvmers and leeches, here at VENDETTA we have gone for a different approach, a team actually dedicated to having fun PKing instead of shouldering the burden of protecting farmers and pvming at low reward events. Mace/Bait trips Multi Singles Requirements to join - Speak fluent English. Discord. (mic preferred but not needed aslong as you can join voice and listen to calls) Basic PK knowledge. (beginners are welcome as long as you are willing to listen and learn) Atleast a couple of braincells. Join Discord to apply! Discord - https://discord.gg/VendettaRW In game CC - VENDETTA CC
  3. Iron Family

    Iron Family Iron Family is an Ironman/HCIM/UIM only social clan of all skill levels, experience, and knowledge. Starting out an Ironman can quickly feel daunting and that's why we're here- to help each other along the way. From group bossing to socializing to giving tips and support we're here so that the long grind of an ironman doesn't ever begin to feel too lonely. There are a few key priorities we place in our clan to make everyone feel welcome: 1. Everyone starts from somewhere. We understand everyone has a beginning, and it's the responsibility of the veterans to support them so they can do the same some day. 2. Patience is a virtue. We'll always be patient with our members. RuneScape has always been about the grind; be patient in your words too. 3. Positivity spreads like Covid. Be a positive person and our chat will be a positive place. However, negativity spreads negativity. Be the person you want to see! If you'd like to know more please post below. There are no requirements to enter the clan aside from being an Iron member. Hope to see you there!
  4. Pkmassive199

    Join a new clan for massive pk in all locations of the wildy. Everyone is welcome! #pkmassive199
  5. Muzid

    Join a new clan with a lot of PvM rhythm, Pkers. Join now! #Muzid #EveryoneIsWelcome #MuziDiscord Discord: https://discord.gg/UzN3tyHsg5