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Found 1 result

  1. Infinite PvM

    Welcome to Infinite PvM: https://discord.gg/aVwUydJ5af We are a brand new Runewild PvM clan that is dedicated to helping new players in understanding mechanics to anything PvM related. We are super active and treat everyone with high respect and as equals. The staff team is highly understanding of not belittling anyone and helping anyone by any means necessary so we can have more people to enjoy the Runewild PvM scenery and not leave due to them unable to find that specific “group/family” to be apart of. You may find this community here is not only welcoming but we are here to help each other grow and succeed. There is always an opportunity to learn and grow for everyone and together we will find those opportunities. I am pleased to have you apart of this group and hope to hear from you soon!! Recent Accolades: 140+ Members and growing! 20B+ in Giveaways! Many messages of gratitude for helping people! Many more to come!! Reasons to join: Yes we are a brand new PvM CC in Runewild but for how long we been public we have grown rapidly. We do need more people to join our staff team inside the discord which would give you any experience you may need if you have plans on applying for Runewild's Staff. Infinite PvM is a no beef zone meaning there is absolutely zero tolerance for disrespecting other members or any other clans inside the cc/discord. We have a HUGE event planned once we are "official" with BIG prizes to come. We also assist with any raids/PvM monsters you may need help with but you're struggling to complete. We were all there at one point and there definitely is a learning curve. We are here to help! Everyone is welcomed to join! ¿Español? ¡Ningún problema!: Hola, si hablas español eres bienvenido a unirte a Infinite PvM. Actualmente tenemos un grupo en español aquí con un chat dedicado en español para que también puedas hacer amigos!!