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  1. Hi Guys, Pretty new on this server (started 1 week ago) but saw people asking a lot for XP/Amount of runs/Gold and all other kind of numbers and guides on the forums. Thought I would also contribute a little to the community and server that I enjoy so much, so here I am on my road to max on my Realism account. Current REALISM status and gains (December 2021): - Combat x25 - Skills x10 This form will be updated for every 99 I hit with all the numbers and info. hope you enjoy it and let's grind together shall we? 1. AGILITY 2. HERBLORE
  2. Max realism account

    Yeah +1 on this one! EDIT: Or is this already in place? Since I just saw this post was from july
  3. Count to 25 within an hour