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Found 9 results

  1. Max RSPS

    https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNUDkMehPCev1Fd4HQdWfqQI am grateful first of all for God and for David for this wonderful game full of fun and today I tell you that I have started a YouTube channel to show the world how much fun this game is here I leave the link subscribe, I hope https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNUDkMehPCev1Fd4HQdWfqQ
  2. Wellbeing suggestion GAMBLING

    soo yesterday i fell down the rabbit whole of losing over 750b after requesting a 5 day jail and being declined, i needed this 5 day break because i wasn't playing to play i was playing to gamble. i was shocked then asking for genuine help was completely shut down. my suggestion Gambling Ban - Currently the gambling ban for accounts and uuid etc has very small "unban" Fees, could there be a option added to set your own fee for the unban ? in this case i would have set my unban fee at 700b meaning it would be completely pointless to pay the fee and would of stopped me getting sucked into the torment of 19 busts in 25 fps. i understand this isn't likely to be of high priority but i know it could serve some people well. currently having to pay 100m-400m for a gamble unban makes it a completely pointless feature considering anyone needing to do this is likely throwing 5-10-20-50 or 100b pots so whats 400m going to stop? just a suggestion but it would of saved one playing from leaving the game, and i can count afew more than went through this and have since stopped playing.. MAKE THE GAMBLE UNBAN ACTUALLY HAVE SERIOUS COSTS 400m can be made from afew hours of ANY PVM... its a joke.
  3. Hey my name is Wais, I live in the United Kingdom (UK) I am new to streaming but my content I guarantee you will enjoy, tune in show some love and support subscribe and like to enter my giveaways and events LIVE! <3
  4. Gamble Ban

    Hey Runewild. First of all, ya'll have a great server ngl. But theres one thing i think that should be changed, and that's the gamble ban. In my opinion it's completely pointless right now. You can ban yourself for 4 weeks and on all ip's accounts etc. And that's great. But you can buy it off for 400m which ruins the whole point, because if someone has gambling issues which are uncontrolled, he can simply buy it off again after trying to protect himself. Which means the ban is completly useless.. It would be better to remove the buy off option even tho it's a nice money sink for the game. Just giving my opinion..
  5. What's up guy! today i'm back with another FP Sesh! I hope you enjoy it <3 ! Good luck to everyone for the yellow phat giveaway !
  6. How to play Black Jack

    Black Jack otherwise know as "21" is a card game where you and everyone else playing try to beat the dealer the goal is to get 21 in cards or be closer then the dealer to 21. Aces are soft meaning they're 1 or 11, face cards (king, queen and jack) are 10 all other cards are the same value of their number. The black jack game is safe as it automated you cannot be scammed. you need platinum to place a bet not coins. click here for pictures on how to play.
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