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  1. Gamble Ban

    @vookavilleI understand what you're saying, but if it comes to self control there shouldn't be a gamble ban in the first place.
  2. Gamble Ban

    Hey Runewild. First of all, ya'll have a great server ngl. But theres one thing i think that should be changed, and that's the gamble ban. In my opinion it's completely pointless right now. You can ban yourself for 4 weeks and on all ip's accounts etc. And that's great. But you can buy it off for 400m which ruins the whole point, because if someone has gambling issues which are uncontrolled, he can simply buy it off again after trying to protect himself. Which means the ban is completly useless.. It would be better to remove the buy off option even tho it's a nice money sink for the game. Just giving my opinion..