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  1. Runewild Flower Poker #1 Starting Low

    Why not
  2. Runewild Flower Poker #1 Starting Low

    I'm new to editing but i'll try
  3. Starting out my YT channel

    Sure i will
  4. Starting out my YT channel

    We all started from the bottom, and as i said i'm "going" to create a runewild channel i didn't say i created one Also i posted a video,and if you don't wanna support just don't comment shit
  5. Starting out my YT channel

    might try it
  6. Also check my YT channel and don't forget to like and sub
  7. Starting out my YT channel

  8. Starting out my YT channel

    Sure ^^
  9. Starting out my YT channel

    Got some pking snippets here's the link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIGqlfAYn2UJBFQvL8zYGbQ?view_as=subscriber
  10. So, let me introduce a bit of myself My real name is Omar, and i live in Algeria.I'm 16 years old and i really enjoyed the server so i decided why not create a content channel. But the problem was that i was really low on cash (I suck at staking and gambling), and as you all know the more you have cash the more you attract viewers by "giveaways" & "fun content" So i'm not begging,but i'm asking the staff & the support team to help my channel grow since that will be good for both sides The server gets new players and more recognition,And i get views I hope staffs sees this and i hope they will help Waiting Patiently, Omar. My channel if you want to check it out : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIGqlfAYn2UJBFQvL8zYGbQ?view_as=subscriber
  11. Bossing / Multi Pk Team!

    Ign : Zambizi Age : 15 Where are you from : Algeria Do you have a discord : Yes and a mic Clan Experience : ye but on a different rsps (dont like to mention ) I would be a good pick because im very active these days due to quarantine and I am a decent pker.the only thing that I need is teammates to have fun with