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  1. Drop rate showing actual numbers

    +1 Doubt this would get implemented as we all know the drop rates are horrendous
  2. Lnk's Vet Application V2

    @Lnkat this point they are never going to give u the vet rank hahaha they just trolling u
  3. 22andtonk Staff Application

    +1 Amazing guy and very helpful, well written app
  4. Forums Rank Request Application Section

    Thank you Joy <3 appreciate it
  5. Hello runewild community, I believe we should have a application section for forums rank request so that you can post your screenshots of your donator rank ingame (only spent credits) and possibly we should have a dedicated someone from staff update peoples ranks to same as their ingame ranks every 24-48hrs for forums rank applications as for example it’s a sign of status and achievement. For example I have royal rank ingame which is the highest rank and a personal game achievement and would like it to show on forums as I feel I worked hard for it, but there isn’t a place where i can request my rank and post proof of it so that it’s updated. I’ve seem people say it’s automatically updated whoch I believe is untrue because I’ve been waiting months for my rank to update and still hasn’t drop a +1 if you agree and would like to see this implemented. very simple and easy implementation anyways tbh.
  6. Hello everyone

    @Zumurtfeel free to join runewild gang #1 community discord where you can find fellow pvmers such as myself and others who gamble or just if you’re seeking general help or to enter juicy giveaways! Https://discord.gg/runewildgang MAKE SURE TO CHECK IT OUT BEFORE MAKING A JUDGEMENT, cya around buddy
  7. Wellbeing suggestion GAMBLING

    Tbh you gotta look it at from a business perspective essentially runewild is a business which makes money off of degenerate gamblers who lose their banks gambling and can’t be arsed to rebuild pvming so they donate for gamble money or pvm max gear etc…. If they would allow this feature it wouldn’t be in a business mans best interest if he is trying to capitalise of runewild donations for his capitalistic gain because he would lose donation money (profit) in the long run. Just my way of thinking about it anyways. @MDMA is funlet me know what u think of my reply or idea of it if u agree or not etc. but yeah defo a +1 on this idea
  8. Welcome to runewild feel free to msg me ingame or on discord for any help or any advice Pce
  9. Gtfomybed Vet App

    Gz on rank bro @gtfomybed???
  10. Flower poker lanes

    Bump still need more lanesss!!!
  11. Royal rank on forums

    @Hope @WINNING I am diamond rank ingame would appreciate it if someone could so take a minute to update my rank on forums too or forward it to the right person who can do so. Thank you for your time. kind regards
  12. GFX Shop

    Anybody that needs amazing GFX Design done such as youtube thumbnails or forums signatures and anything regarding Gfx design hit me up on discord @ High#0919
  13. Signature Request

    High#0919 add me on discord for GFX Work