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  1. When Jagex wanted to spice up deadman mode they added sigils, and it was hype. I'm not suggesting that sigils exactly as they are should be added to RW, but maybe some variations of them. We already have the servant pet which is an approximation of what I'm saying, and I know there have been failed attempts in the past of servers attempting this, I just think the buffs don't have to be so crazy that people feel like they're playing pokemon rather than runescape. Let's say 4 tradeable pets were added, similar to the servant, and only use-able in edge, so riskers don't feel forced to partake. Half of the pets can be low-end and affordable, other half high-end and cooler, both spicing up pking just a little. Off the top of my head maybe a pet which gives like 'a further +10% melee accuracy when wearing void' as a low-end one, and maybe a high-end one worth 20b+ can give +2% damage boost to special attacks, so 2 max hits at most. The thing that makes pvp interesting is the different combinations of weapons/gear/prayers, and this would be adding another layer to that. Imo just make sure they're not overpowered buffs and it won't spiral out of control.
  2. Making money flipping + profits from a day by Mr. Chad

    Ya, this guy gets it. I think the spreadsheet is a bit much though, I tried it in the past and it led to burnout, I find that you'll gain a strong intuition of the turnover rate of diff items as you do it more
  3. History in trading post

    I think having a longer tp history would be nice.
  4. Add the Handcannon from 2011 RS

    Does anyone else have a nostalgia for this weapon? It was so fun, yes it could hit 50's, but the spec is very eatable, not broken in my opinion. To me, this weapon captures the 2011scape essence, good times.

    I think having hotkeys for the TP options below: would make things so much faster to navigate and a nice quality of life change. You could just make it customisable letters or C, M and D for claim, modify, dismiss.
  6. It would be cool to know what the best loot from it is, and same for the red casket or any chest/box. I also think more people would vote if they saw that a super rare item is a reward from the vote box.
  7. Staff App - Kalluto

  8. Re-arrange tp slots

    Currently if you have 4 TP slots available for selling, if you use those slots to buy, they won't be available to be used to sell, the issue is that you can have infinite buy slots but finite sell slots, it gets super annoying to have to take out buy offers to get my sell offers to the top, what if we could just drag them or perhaps the game ignores the buy slots.
  9. Runewild Automated HNS

    I understand the enforcement that runewild puts against large giveaways because of nefarious actors in the scene, but I think the below suggestion could at least allow people to give to the community in fun ways without getting perma banned or having to be a well known youtuber. HNS Bot (1 session = 3 games of HNS): You can deter cheating by doing three things, firstly you can split up the prize pool randomly and spread it across 3 games of HNS, secondly by making sure that the same IP/Mac address can't win more than 1 of the three games, and finally you can make it so 20% of the reward gp is stored and will be put into the prize pool of the next HNS session for a different host, 1 HNS session per player, per day. I explain the logic behind it in the final paragraph. The giveaway host will give the rewards over to a HNS bot, a server-wide announcement will be made letting everyone know that in 5 or so minutes a hide and seek event will take place. The host gets given flag marker items, these basically just mark the tile they're standing on so the game knows that's the hiding location, when a seeker enters a 10 tile radius of the marker, he receives the reward for that round. From the point of view of someone trying to RWT, this would make it frustrating and not worth their time, the gold buyer won't know how much he would win even if he rigged one of the three hns games over a discord call, in theory they could win all three but changing your ip/mac address two times is annoying and just adds another layer of cancer to deal with if they tried that, also the seller will be losing 20% of the gold they put in so it just wouldn't make sense to use this system as a rwt mechanism, however the bot will add that 20% into the next session for a different host so all of the gold a player puts in will eventually be given away to the community, but this way it prevents any premeditated abuse of the HNS bot. To successfully RWT with this, someone would have to find three players willing to buy, trust them not to run away with the GP since you can't pay USD beforehand when the rewards are randomized, then also be okay with losing 20% of their gp. I don't think anyone would bother, and this way it wouldn't really hinder an honest giveaway host. Just a thought after the recent events regarding a youtuber.
  10. People use void for the very reason that they get to have 4 gear slots protected with good stats, what is the point of the shattered relic (or) for void being lost on death costing the player 50m per peice. As for the bounty hunter ornaments, in OSRS the player gets to have a grave and small reclamation fee to get it back, but in runewild the pker gets the ornament kits. Since we don't have graves, I think these items should just be sent to the NPC 'death' when you die with them. I mean look how cool this gear looks, yet I've only seen two players in the last month use it because their d boots and neit helm suddenly cost 100m. Here's a tweet with Mod Ashe referring to this. https://twitter.com/ssmithy552/status/1664047109346152451
  11. When you click to modify the price of an item, I think it should show that item's current TP prices in the red square, so players don't have to go back and forth between checking an item's value and setting it's price.
  12. Hi, It has recently come to my attention that there is a David-bot that detects RWT and possibly other stuff, which is very cool. The OpenAI articles site has recently posted about giving GPT-4 API access to new developers by the end of July 2023, source below. https://help.openai.com/en/articles/7102672-how-can-i-access-gpt-4 This could be used to upgrade David-Bot. One use case could be to create a list of keywords commonly used in a conversation about RWT like 'discord, paypal, usd, 07... etc', and then get their colloquial counterparts in all other languages. Then once enough keywords are triggered, grab the log of the conversation and feed it into GPT-4's enhanced analysis to determine whether it was just a benevolent conversation about the subject OR if there is malicious intent to rwt, at which point they'd be put on a watch list perhaps. Just an idea, there are endless possibilities technically. Temporal

    Yeah I realised statius would have been better whoops lolol