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Found 4 results

  1. Currently its not possible to death pile anywhere since (almost) all your items go to death. Making it hard to deathpile to go into the wildy to get certain items without risking litearly everything.
  2. Wilderness slayer master!

    A slayer master that will only give wildy tasks would be amazing. Larrans keys droprate should be lower while doing a wildy task and more money each kill. Maybe more points aswell.
  3. PJ Timer

    We can all come together and say RuneWild is up there for a server, Ecosystem and Pking is great, easy to navigate have lots of fun. hear me out; When solo pking anywhere in RuneWild, Unfortunately, i'm a new comer with no friends list, Rune Wild, is Full of clans pking in single area's, exploiting area's of the wilderness, Rev's is locked down 24/7 magebank is controlled by clans. i really think rune wild would benefit from the OSRS PJ Timer system. it's 100% something i'd like to see bought into the game.
  4. RUNEWILD | PK VIDEO | 2021

    Pking by JuJuDizzy Edited by me @SMOERREBROED