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Found 3 results

  1. Wilderness slayer master!

    A slayer master that will only give wildy tasks would be amazing. Larrans keys droprate should be lower while doing a wildy task and more money each kill. Maybe more points aswell.
  2. PJ Timer

    We can all come together and say RuneWild is up there for a server, Ecosystem and Pking is great, easy to navigate have lots of fun. hear me out; When solo pking anywhere in RuneWild, Unfortunately, i'm a new comer with no friends list, Rune Wild, is Full of clans pking in single area's, exploiting area's of the wilderness, Rev's is locked down 24/7 magebank is controlled by clans. i really think rune wild would benefit from the OSRS PJ Timer system. it's 100% something i'd like to see bought into the game.
  3. RUNEWILD | PK VIDEO | 2021

    Pking by JuJuDizzy Edited by me @SMOERREBROED