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  3. Vote Timer

  4. Vote Timer

    That would be awesome
  5. History in trading post

    I would love to see the option to view recent sales & also item history (sale price, qty etc) in the trading post. Huge QOL update & gives those that use the trading post more accurate information to get better deals!
  6. Last week
  7. Zalcano in Runewild?

    I actually really enjoy Zalcano so a big +1 from me!
  8. PRICE GUIDE - UPDATED (December/23)

    Good effort - has helped me a lot Tyvm!
  9. Knife OSRS Vet Application

    Gl prro
  10. Vote Timer

    Hey, Voting system is great , but it can be better instead saying “you already voted in last 12hours” to make a timer which says time left to your next vote
  11. PRICE GUIDE - UPDATED (December/23)

    has nice guide, i like it but could be better if you mention the log prices
  12. PRICE GUIDE - UPDATED (December/23)

    Amazing, to just look at well done with this
  13. Zalcano in Runewild?

    (Zalcano) -One of the most useful bosses for spawn accounts and ironmans, in skilling it would be the most dynamic group boss there is. -In the case of the items that are given, herbs will be removed and added, for example: Bars, Rune essences, Gems, etc. -And this will activate what is the tool seed and the zalcano shard, to add it to the pick or the axe. -This boss should be added, from my point of view to not make the game so linear, and be more dynamic in consistency. -Zalcano will have a maximum of 10m loot, in which the more players there apply, the lower the probability of reaching 10m loot itself. -Requirements to be able to enter this boss, 70 mining, 70 smithing and 70 runecrafting, so that there is a basic calculation of the players who can enter.
  14. noninot

  15. Toxic Blowpipe Recolor?

    (New cosmetic for the blowpipe) -The extra mutagen acquired in zulrah will be used. -It will be used as a cosmetic in both the coils and the blowpipe. -What is the mutagen tanza and the mutagen magma, upon completing the log too many are acquired, and their use would be easier. -They would look quite attractive in the long term.
  16. PRICE GUIDE - UPDATED (December/23)

    Prices updated - December/23
  17. Staff App - Kalluto

    +1 Good luck! <3
  18. New Dhl and Dhc.

    I love the idea, +1
  19. Official - PRICE GUIDE - 2021

    This price guide is extremely outdated. This one is better.
  20. lumekazan veteran rank application

  21. New Dhl and Dhc.

    (Lance and Crosbow Color) This would be the new transformation for Dhl and Dhc. -It would only be cosmetic, so that it looks more attractive when using it. -The lance and crossbow will have a darker color, so that when adding the hydra head the difference can be seen. -In the case of the crossbow, it will not be taken into account due to its color already obtained. -For the color of the set in the cox color, the item Twisted Horms will be added to the set. cost of 1k points in slayer.
  22. (New idea for Cerberus)

    -Cerberus- -Create a special instance, similar to Godwars, with an approximate price of 1m upon entry. -so that every player can take full advantage of Cerberus.
  23. Staff App - Kalluto

    Good luck with your application!
  24. Earlier
  25. PvM on multiple accounts

    Yeah unfortunally you cant pvm with 2 accounts, but i am sure you can pvm/pk try that
  26. Sponsor rank not showing on forums

    No way you got picture of my face in snapchat filter i am dead brate HAHAHAHAHHAHA
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