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  2. Donator Suggestions

    Ight, not trying to be combative, just trying to flesh out if anything is actually fucked lmao. I appreciate your continued help with that <3
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  5. Donator Suggestions

    Ye, to be fair the last two are purely QoL. Changed my mind to be fair.
  6. Donator Suggestions

    Yeah the tripple votes could be a problem if lots of people had the rank, but you still reken the other things you mentioned are OP? I'm trying to figure out if I missed something or?
  7. Donator Suggestions

    True, I think I'm forgetting how many people currently have even the Diamond rank.
  8. Donator Suggestions

    Responding in reverse order: Triple votes for $10k donated seems hardly too OP in my opinion especially with how cheap votes are. All the places you can load your preset have on of those special restore altars, do they not? Not seeing the OP side of it, only convenience. (hope you can clarify on this one, as it's one of my favorites) Instant bank after skilling seems like it'll only be useful for saving like 5 ticks when you firemake at most? Am I missing something?
  9. Pure nh tourney win/flash2:wave2: [P][N][L] slap vid

    Well done man. I'll catch you around.
  10. First hour on server and i'm rich!!!

    Not bad, well done haha. Now don't lose the ags pking.
  11. Voting.

    Thank you for your reply. I appreciate it alot.
  12. First hour on server and i'm rich!!!

    K? wat
  13. Corporal Beast Event

    Yeah that should be a requirement to make it fair for everyone! ~ Applestake
  14. Corporal Beast Event

    Exactly haha. Hopefully people will agree to use a certain set of items so it would be more random who gets the drop
  15. Pure nh tourney win/flash2:wave2: [P][N][L] slap vid

    Good fight brother.
  16. Corporal Beast Event

    The goal is to get enough people, that if we get attacked, we just get more loot.
  17. Donator Suggestions

    I guess in my opinion, the following would be too OP for my liking. - Instant bank after skilling - Instant special when loading a custom set - Double vote points, instead of triple.
  18. Corporal Beast Event

    You think I would pay for protection? If you attack us it's simple, you gonna die to a zammy spear
  19. Donator Suggestions

    The problem with custom items is when they are best in slot. This would just a much worse version of a staff of the dead. Also custom item, not items* (not sure if you got to read it all) Not sure if the re-color is in 07 or not, but it'd allow you enemy to know you're using it. Really it's just a much shittier staff of the dead, not sure what the big issue is, but happy to talk about why people might not want it, feedback is always appreciated.
  20. Donator Suggestions

    Don't like the custom items at all I must say.
  21. Donator Suggestions

    Which bits you reken? I don't think any are particularly unbalanced. In PM you said the skilling one is op, only thing I can think of it'd actually help with is fire making maybe? All the other shit is either bank standing or no in a !bank-able area.
  22. Donator Suggestions

    seems abit pay 2 win tbh in my mind but they doo seem interesting
  23. Corporal Beast Event

    I'll try to host one next stream, great idea mate.
  24. Donator Suggestions

    I'm definitely down with an achievements shop having those items instead of donor. What you reken is too op?
  25. Donator Suggestions

    I like the majority of these suggestions, my one reservation would be to see the Elite Achievement Diary available after completing some of the achievements. As we get the cape for completing the achievement list, a few of the harder ones should offer pieces of this armour. Other than that, just needs a bit of tweaking to ensure balance.
  26. Corporal Beast Event

    This sounds quite fun, would love to participate in a corp event.
  27. Voting.

    Ye, I'd love this, would be such a time saver.
  28. Rudra

    Cheers fam <3
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