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  4. Achievement cape

    Still a PKing server at the end of the day, doubt any changes would happen now as it's been out for years. I also don't see how the cape can be useful for PvP. Could say the same thing about the Skilling you have to do in order to achieve the cape, "I'm not a skiller". It's achievements for a reason g.
  5. Achievement cape

  6. Achievement cape

    The achievement cape has only one perk and its drop rate luck for pvm. so why do i need as a pvmer to do pvp achievement for a pvm cape ? please rework the achievements for the cape and make it only pvm achievements. and stop force pvmers that wants the cape to pvp for it. or make it useful for pvp aswell and not only pvm.
  7. Staff application

    gl bro
  8. Earlier
  9. Extra bonus drops for vote

  10. Extra bonus drops for vote

  11. Extra bonus drops for vote

  12. Donating bug

    If you want to buy credits from the ingame section !benefits > buy credits if you add to your basket it will bring you to seperated links: 950 creds: https://www.runewild.com/osrs/80 (witch has an online chat option) 1600 creds: https://www.runewild.com/osrs/125 (witch has no online chat option) So basicly I have been waiting for 2 hrs cause I've clicked 1600 creds option and I thought the chat was offline. I found out later that the option I choose just redirected me to an other page... Maybe a good thing to look into cause you guys are missing out on people buying credits.
  13. Huge Rewards: Happy New Year!

    daym daym daym daym daym
  14. Dohx Staff Application

  15. Staff application


    invite please
  17. Video Toa 350 invo with like 300m gear

    l000000000000000000000000000000l thats funny
  18. Buying full spookier

    wild lol
  19. Add @200m Max Capes? (suggestion)

  20. HCIM Road To BLOOD TORVA! EP 3

  21. HCIM Road To BLOOD TORVA! EP 3

    Good Luck brotha.
  22. Niccs Definitive Skilling Guide [UPDATED 2024]

    What tasks should I block for most efficient xp?
  23. HCIM Road To BLOOD TORVA! EP 3

  24. Starter/rebuild guide!

    Well its mostly for new players, but the progression is the fastest so works for gamble degens aswell lmao
  25. Vet application number 12

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