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  3. Temporary ban me please

    Just set fire to your computer. You'll be fine
  4. I have exams coming up and I can’t control myself so please ban me for 9 days. @Admin
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  6. To enter on the Pet Box Giveaway YOU MUST: Like the video Subscribe to my channel Comment your IGN ON THE VIDEO Turn my post notifications on
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  8. This update is amazing! excellent work!
  9. Only took me months of trying to suggest it "Demonic gorilla's at the donator monster zone are no longer multi." -Torture
  10. Woooooooooo! Halloweeeeeeen. Spooky spooky skeletons will send shivers down your spine. Loving the updates! Keep em coming!!!!! Christmas next month.. whats in store for us.. oooo!
  11. from Armadyl godsword - 150m from Elysian spirit shield - 80-115b from Arcane spirit shield -1.7-2.4 from Spectral spirit shield - 180m from Infernal cape - 1.3-1.5b from Dragon claws - 140-150m
  12. Halloween Event: Ghost Busting Halloween came to RuneWild, but doesn't really want to leave. Ghosts are capturing several areas in the wilderness, it's becoming more and more dangerous, PKers are being haunted and they're losing their valuable goods. Help the Spooky ghostbuster at Edgeville with his mission to eliminate the ghosts from the wilderness and make an end to Halloween.. What is the reward? You will receive a h'ween box after bringing 10,000 h'ween tickets to the Spooky ghostbuster. The h'ween box rewards you several exclusive cosmetic items, the vesta's armour and korasi's sword. Once you receive a cosmetic item, you can't receive it twice. How can I obtain h'ween tickets? You can obtain it by killing players in the wilderness, above lvl. 30 you will receive more tickets. You can obtain the tickets by killing the ghosts in the wilderness, the ghosts don't return as quick after dying so head off to the other zones before someone else kills them. Every three hours the Malevolent ghost will appear near Demonic Ruins, after it's death it will reward you h'ween tickets equal to the amount of damage you've done to the Ghost. Korasi's Sword The first item to be brought into RuneWild from the Pre-EOC era. The Korasi's sword is known for it's special attack which acts like a magic-based attack. Where can I use it? You can only use the korasi's sword in the single area of Edgeville. The area-limitation was added due to our stance on keeping it as OSRS as possible. This is still up for discussion and it's fairly a new concept introducing a pre-EOC item, but we thought this would be the safest way onto introducing this out of the ordinary weapon. How can I obtain it? The korasi's sword is dropped by the wilderness bosses, Callisto, Scorpia, Vet'ion and Chaos Fanatic. You can obtain it for 750 credits in the Sponsor store. Vesta's armour This has had quite the support since the introduction of the Vesta's longsword, although it not being OSRS (aside from DMM) I introduced it with an area restriction. Where can I use it? You can use the Vesta's armour in the single area of Edgeville, in PvP and in the ::riskzone. How can I obtain it? The Vesta's armour is dropped by the wilderness bosses, Callisto, Scorpia, Vet'ion and Chaos Fanatic. You can obtain the pieces for 750 credits each in the Sponsor store. Quest Tab Rework The Quest tab has received a rework, the rework's major reason was to offer a better overview. What are the top tabs, from left to right? The first one is the Wiki interface which is helpful for newcomers. The second one is the events interface, which gives information on the important events that are upcoming or on-going. The third one is the main tab, profile tab, here you can view your statistics, points, sponsor status, slayer task and the Server time. The fourth one is toggle tab, here you can manage all your toggles. The fifth one is the achievements tab, for your daily, weekly, normal achievements. What are the bottom buttons, from left to right? The first one is the quick gear interface, a system to gear up quickly. The second one is the drop table, to view what your favourite monster drops. The third one is the PvP Leagues interface, an easier accessible button to make the PvP League seasons even more active & fun. The fourth one is the PvP Rewards interface, this shows how many kills you need to obtain for the certain reward. The fifth one is the Sponsor store, a quick-button in order to get to the store. Sponsor Benefits We have added a sponsor benefits guide which explains the benefits you receive per sponsor rank. Other updates Demonic gorilla's at the donator monster zone are no longer multi. You can now trade the membership bond from a normal player to an ironman and vice versa. Caskets and mystery boxes have been touched up a little. The ornamented version of items didn't have the effects it's normal version had, e.g. obby maul (or) or assembler max cape, patched. You can now pick back up brews which were dropped if you had the 12 brews limit, it will now properly count down upon dropping. A toggle has been added for the old dragging system, ::switchdrag. The tournament times have been adjusted to london time, making them 1 hour later. The donator island's main area has been updated to include trees and rocks for mining.
  13. ✅ To enter the *5B* Giveaway!!!!! 1. Like the video 2. Subscribe to my channel 3. Turn the post notifications (MUST) 4. Comment your IGN (create an account, if u haven't already)
  14. Spam switch

  15. I recently lost the login to my ironman due to my laptop updating and it seems I logged in on my main as the last login which hence I now don't have my ironmans login:(

    whens this giveaway happening then?
  17. Application for staff

    toxic pker ~sweden
  18. To enter on the 500m Giveaway you must: Like the video Comment your IGN on the VIDEO! Subscribe to my channel Turn my post notifications on
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  20. Nice video, I'll definitely enter.
  21. Donator (BOND)

    Ye true, there should be base perks you get for being a certain donor.
  22. ✅ To enter the *FEROCIOUS GLOVES* Giveaway (biggest one yet) 1. Like the video 2. Subscribe to my channel 3. Turn the post notifications (MUST) 4. Comment your IGN (create an account, if u haven't already)
  23. Donator (BOND)

    biggest load of bs, i hop on every so often to brid and use my perks to my advantage to yell or bank and get spec back faster. I paid over 1.5b for my rank and to have to continue paying to use it with no money-back or no source of income to lay off some of the donators is kinda stupid
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