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  4. Staff application

    : )

    Welcome back, nice to see another youtuber.
  6. I'm back :)

    Whats up!
  7. I'm back :)

    Welcome back
  8. I'm back :)

    Not weird Himiko, it's a while ago Thank you!
  9. Winning 6ixth cc 200m NH inners

  10. I'm back :)

    I don't exactly remember you but hey, welcome back
  11. 300 Dh Sets

    how's the 300 DH sets coming along, any progress?:D
  12. I'm back :)

    Sup fellas! It's been a while! Some of you might have seen me in-game already but just wanted to get a little message out that I'm glad to be at Runewild again Hope to see you around! And hit me up with video ideas!
  13. Sync's Staff Application :D

    Uhm, I wouldn't really say I'm useless if you message me as soon as I get on it's not just you if I'm being spammed I can't exactly reply to everyone but I try my best to respond to as many people as possible and also, for mods we have a timer where it log's me off after a few minutes of being AFK so I'm not intentionally ignoring you and log off after your message me, and if you message me on discord I reply most of the time unless I'm asleep or at work. Anyway's Goodluck on your application.
  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PpuS9O_dIxw
  15. Sync's Staff Application :D

    How's your relationship with Himiko currently?
  16. Last week
  17. Wise Old-Man Staff Application

    One bad day is all it takes to damage a server's reputation, and a rogue mod isn't something we want happening. Maybe take some time, and then reapply.
  18. Staff Application

    Would have liked to seen a bit more depth in the application, however right now I'm leaning towards a +1. Jump in help cc.
  19. HCIMortem | Staff Application

    Speaking purely about you as an individual, you seem like you know your stuff, I can't say I've noticed you helping much, but that might just be me. Neutral for now.
  20. Wildy Diversity

    I do believe high-end armour shouldn't be torn through like butter by people in low-end armour like 'Spawnables' but asking for a buff on Void's defence is a bit uncalled for because the set itself is pre much one of the most squishy armour sets available on OSRS but it compensates for that with DPS which is fine other than Void Mage which because of inconsistent Mage is, anywhom I won't +1 the idea of making Void even better than it is because that'll plain shift from the current issue Mystic's and D'hides to untradeable setups like Void, I do think there should be changes but this ain't one of them.
  21. Wildy Diversity

    Black d'hide the best armour in-game tho
  22. Wildy Diversity

    What are you trying to suggest though? That ranged gear should be tankier?
  23. Wildy Diversity

    PKing needs to be made less influential, and PvM should be more so, easier drops on certain items, like GWD gear and Zulrah would mean more affordable options for the majority.
  24. Staff Application

    He gets my support always willing to help, everytime I have some questions I go to him #promote
  25. Winning 6ixth cc 200m NH inners

  26. Winning 6ixth cc 200m NH inners

    Grats. Good work man
  27. Staff application

    Will do bro, thank you
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