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  1. lil toe Staff Application

    if this isnt a instant support idk, this man helps everyone on yell/pms has been around for ages and been nothing but a good dude! huge respect for him
  2. Dont dig up on old post for ur post count it aint good
  3. Veteran rank

    Can someone atleast react?
  4. ALL SM0KED Mod Application

    Excuses for my bad english it aint my first language. For the first thing being said it is a friend of mine but my reaction as i said to him in private and in public will be the same. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I will be doing a small reflection on what other peope were saying cause i agree or disagree with some things they said. We will start by Questioning some responses of people cause of NO or almost NO feedback. just a simple question Why? give us examples if u dont have them dont comment next time. Second answer to the first question that i quoted Why? information please? did he do something to u or didnt he? First of all Welcome to the server saw u posted ur recognition that u joined last friday! If u didn't know this person in question is going for support but isnt a support yet. so cause of that he doesnt needa be in the help cc all the time, if that wasn't clear enouf people who are applying for support member or mod in this case won't or don't have the same hours u play? maybe next time if u are saying things like " his pm's must be off" ask in which timezone he is? that would make it much easier for both of u. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Done reacting to people now its time for a reaction of myself ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well Media or All Sm0ked as i know u. as i said in pm's as in here i think its not a good written application. and why is that u would ask? i think it is because its a standard application. if u are going for MOD u need to be standing out, ingame or in yell u are helping people indeed. Currently on the forums i saw u posting a guide most new players are loving! But the thing is ur not doing somthing special. Its not going out of the way for something else than someone else wanted to go who is going for support? thats why in my opinion u first should go for Support and not MOD. Kind Regards, Alchoholist/Comet AKA Ho-Oh
  5. Aries GFX Shop

    if no1 took a signature yet? il take one
  6. Hello there.

    took me 3 months active (every day watching) on forums for the 50 post count tbf thats long asf
  7. Veteran rank

    Sooooooo any time this is gonna get picked up?
  8. Casket guide

    this guide is from 2019 m8
  9. Veteran rank

    update? @arm
  10. Runeworld video

    Gamble addicted
  11. Veteran rank

  12. Veteran rank

    bump? anything happening with this?
  13. Update suggestions

    its somth u chose for tho, when the items are in need (with a D exp weekend) prices go up! as expected
  14. Update suggestions

    u could see it as that only 1-99 would give double exp and after 99 it cant be done anymore if a player is also going for achievement cape it shouldnt matter cus u would get the exp eitherway.
  15. Veteran rank

    You must have atleast 50 posts on the forums. got em Account creation must be atleast 12 months old. this one i got. Created on 25th of december in 2017. https://prnt.sc/s7u2nw Your past 30 days play time must be atleast 50 hours. Current playtime: https://prnt.sc/y613rp No severe punishments in the past 90 days. i do not have any offences in the past 90 days. dont think so