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  1. Ho-Oh Veteran Rank!

    God! can i get a reaction
  2. Been almost 9 months since last applied but didnt hear anything, decided to give it another go You must have atleast 50 posts on the forums. got em Account creation must be atleast 12 months old. this one i got. Created on 25th of december in 2017. https://prnt.sc/s7u2nw Your past 30 days play time must be atleast 50 hours. Current playtime: https://prnt.sc/y613rp No severe punishments in the past 90 days. 0 freaking punishments in last 9 months atleast! not even a fricking mute this time. Looking forward to a answer with explanation why or why not. kind regards, Sj.
  3. Veteran rank

    Any chance an update on this
  4. Looking for series ideas

    Just thought of it. Could also do a Road to a certain item? or Road to MAX Pvm items? (ea torva sang etc) and show some random but good money makers in the progess.
  5. Looking for series ideas

    Alrighty we currently have a dude who is doing from scratch with scythe, but what if u do something like loot from 100? (or less)
  6. Dont dig up on old post for ur post count it aint good
  7. Veteran rank

    Can someone atleast react?
  8. RW Blackjack's GFX Shop

    if no1 took a signature yet? il take one
  9. Hello there.

    took me 3 months active (every day watching) on forums for the 50 post count tbf thats long asf
  10. Veteran rank

    Sooooooo any time this is gonna get picked up?
  11. Casket guide

    this guide is from 2019 m8
  12. Veteran rank

    update? @arm
  13. Runeworld video

    Gamble addicted
  14. Veteran rank