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  1. cause he is the owner, if u dont know he has more to do. and if i see the sentences with ur screenshot ur also from the 1 sentence lines? a tip next time, dont share private messages its called PRIVATE for a reason
  2. Casket guide

    this guide is from 2019 m8
  3. Veteran rank

    update? @arm
  4. Runeworld video

    Gamble addicted
  5. Veteran rank

  6. Veteran rank

    bump? anything happening with this?
  7. Update suggestions

    its somth u chose for tho, when the items are in need (with a D exp weekend) prices go up! as expected
  8. Update suggestions

    u could see it as that only 1-99 would give double exp and after 99 it cant be done anymore if a player is also going for achievement cape it shouldnt matter cus u would get the exp eitherway.
  9. Veteran rank

    You must have atleast 50 posts on the forums. got em Account creation must be atleast 12 months old. this one i got. Created on 25th of december in 2017. https://prnt.sc/s7u2nw Your past 30 days play time must be atleast 50 hours. Current playtime: https://prnt.sc/y613rp No severe punishments in the past 90 days. i do not have any offences in the past 90 days. dont think so
  10. HiScores for Realism

    support this suggestion!+

    ez money gz
  12. Gambling Guide

    Think this guide needs a upgrade anyone able to do it?
  13. Timer Suggestion

    We have indeed freeze timers a lil guide for that v v v Go to Quest tab (slot next to inventory on the left side) click on the lil wrench Scroll down a bit to UI toggles Turn [on] show freeze timer https://prnt.sc/xppmza as u can see in the screenshot -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- next to that i dont think we need any other timers as much as i'd love em we dont have runelite client and i think we dont need to support such features at this point
  14. I'm back. :)

    Korasi underrated? and love that u showed ur deaths in the vid also