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Mage Bank Clan War & King Of The Hill

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The clan events will be rotating weekly from now on.
One week there will be the King Of The Hill event and the other week there will be a Mage Bank Clan War.

 Mage Bank (Level 50+) Clan War 
This event won't be an instance, it will be in the wilderness where every player can join the massacre and slay their opponents.
One catch, only the verified clans are able to earn points and win the 50M OSRS prize.

Only verified clans are able to earn points, contact me to get verified.
For every enemy kill you will receive 1 point.

It lasts 60 minutes and Items are lost on death.

You cannot enter or leave your teams clanchat in the event.
Gates are closed for players who aren't risking 25M.
You cannot teleport to this area or be in this area if you aren't risking 25M.

50M OSRS / 5.000 Clan Points

Bi-weekly on Sunday evening at 8:00 PM GMT after the Dharok's Tournament.


 King of the Hill 
Conquer the KOTH area with your team-mates in a clanchat.
You need to conquer the area with 2+ clan mates to be eligible for points.
Only the verified clans are able to earn points and win the OSRS prize.

#1 35M OSRS / 3.500 Clan Points
#2 12.5M OSRS / 1.250 Clan Points
#3 2.5M OSRS / 250 Clan Points

Every minute conquered you will receive points based on the area you are in.
You can also steal points from the opposing clans by killing them, every kill you will receive up to 5 points only if your opponent has points.
If your opponent carries the special overpowered sword or bow you will steal 50 points.

Special Overpowered Weapon
Every weekend a special overpowered will spawn in the Revenant's cave or Elders area based on the KOTH area.
These weapons as the name says are very overpowered, fast and heal by the damage they do, upon dying with this weapon equipped you will lose 50 points to your opponent.
You cannot leave the zone with this weapon.

The areas rotate every hour in between these 3 areas.
You can view the areas below.



The Revenants cave

Chinchompa hill

The Chaos Temple

It's hosted bi-weekly starting on Sunday at 9PM GMT and ending on the same day the week after.

The clan scoreboard (will be updated with it's appropiate name and with bi-weekly changes to the corresponding event)

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