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Wilderness Events

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Wilderness Events
There are various events throughout the wilderness ranging from single to multi bosses, staff hosted HP events and the Treasure Chests Event. We also have the King of the Hill Event which is for verified clans, for more information about that visit: https://www.runewild.com/forums/topic/3153-king-of-the-hill/

  • Time table for the wilderness events
    • Wilderness Breach Event & Maledictus boss: Every hour at the 0th minute 00:00, these will occur bi-hourly switching between each other.
    • Treasure Chests Event: Every hour at the 20th minute 00:20
    • Seasonal Boss (Arctic King Bear): Every hour at the 40th minute 00:40
    • HP Event: HP Events are ran by staff members instead of it being a timed NPC event.
  • Wilderness Breach
    • Three bosses will spawn every Wilderness Breach event in multi zones.
    • The three bosses are Ice Demon, Abomination and Fragment of Seren.
    • They spawn far apart from each other to give an edge to smaller clans.
    • The event occurs at the following locations:
      • East of Chinchompa hill
      • North-east of the Graveyard
      • West of the 52s portal
    • Wilderness Breach Event great rewards with it's rare table containing PvP armour and it's very rare table containing an Elysian spirit shield.


  • Treasure Chests
    • Two Treasure Chests will spawn every event near each other.
    • The risk requirement to open a chest is 100M.
    • You can not teleport after opening the chest, you will not have any risk protection, you must make it out to level 1.
    • You can locate to the chest holders by typing !chest or by using the Locate button in the !events interface.


  • Revenant Maledictus Boss
    • The event will spawn solely in Single locations
    • The event occurs at the following locations:
      • South-west of the King Black Dragon lair
      • Near the Frozen Waste Plateau at 44s
      • South of the Pirates' Hideout
      • South of the Resource Area
      • South-east of the Callisto cave
      • South of the Cemetery, ::cemetery command was added.
      • West of the chinchompa hill
      • West of Ferox Enclave
      • Near East Dragons
    • The boss drops great rewards with it's rare table containing the new Ancient rings, voidwaker and the untradeable items like the Twisted ancestral colour kit, Ancient blood ornament kit and more. The very rare table has an Elysian spirit shield.


  • HP Event
    • The HP Event is a staff hosted event.
    • Staff members can run one event per hour which will be a 1 billion gp drop upon kill.
    • The staff members can assign the HP event to occur wherever they want in the wilderness.


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