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  1. Behind Her Eyes

    Usually alot of series start off being bit boring or that don't make sense at all but further into the episodes it gets exciting Will check out ty.
  2. Behind Her Eyes

    Hmm what is it about if i may ask Personally i've been enjoying the spanish/mexican series on netflix alot such as: La casa da papel, Quin mata a sara, Perdida, Queen of the south I'll check out the trailer though thanks for sharing
  3. Washed up's Veteran title

    Appreciate it Peter Haha that's good thanks for your support.
  4. Washed up's Veteran title

    Thanks homie appreciate it.
  5. LADS

    Welcome buddy, Glad to see your making your own around quickly, Enjoy
  6. You must have atleast 50 posts on the forums. (Yes i do meet this requirement over 300+ posts.) Account creation must be atleast 12 months old. Your past 30 days play time must be atleast 50 hours. (Yes i understand and David could check if needed) No sever punishments in the past 90 days. no punishments/restricitions
  7. Road to Basilisk Collection Log

    just a matter of time till that jaw broski. Goodluck
  8. Road to 20B from scythe EP 7 ! + 1,8B GIVEAWAY !?!

    keep the series up good job!
  9. 1.5B 07 LOOT Risk fightermen

    the boyy.
  10. Apology to the Community

    If the damaging of the player is to heavily it will result into a permenantly ban anyways. Cause banning someone for a month legitmately Sounds it less heavy but it basically is perming someone. How would you be waiting a month to play a game where ur not even will be welcomed anyways.
  11. Apology to the Community

    There's a difference between banning people and dispending them from the game for a month lol.
  12. Apology to the Community

    3/4 weeks? You already lost the player's intrests by then. This is hella awkard.
  13. #LEGION Singles team is recruiting!

    Lord O Lord.
  14. New forums look

    deffo has a nice template and layout my friend.