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  1. 1.5B 07 LOOT Risk fightermen

    the boyy.
  2. Apology to the Community

    If the damaging of the player is to heavily it will result into a permenantly ban anyways. Cause banning someone for a month legitmately Sounds it less heavy but it basically is perming someone. How would you be waiting a month to play a game where ur not even will be welcomed anyways.
  3. Apology to the Community

    There's a difference between banning people and dispending them from the game for a month lol.
  4. Apology to the Community

    3/4 weeks? You already lost the player's intrests by then. This is hella awkard.
  5. #LEGION Singles team is recruiting!

    Lord O Lord.
  6. New forums look

    deffo has a nice template and layout my friend.
  7. Deadman tourney (Osrs)

    Current gear i'm balling in Stats HYYYYYYYYYYYPED
  8. muted

    Also you are able in the appeal centre to get rid of it. If you have a valid reason why you shouldn't be muted no longer.
  9. PKED 1.2B! + Heavy Ballista giveaway

    Love the accent. Cool video though
  10. Vorkath

    Think vorkath should be re-customized anyways and bring back a different multi boss instead of vorkath.
  11. Runewild Vid 2

  12. Pk video :)

    absolute banger dream.
  13. Dmm tourney

    Deadman tourney coming up this saturday I'm hyped as fuck. Playing with Aka lit like usually. Let me know if ur playing and what you would be rocking. Goodluck everyone's whos paricipating and would you like to see daily progress videos?
  14. Try me

    nice video lad.