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  1. Recruiting members #PlagueBearers

    @Little Dick bet
  2. A new hopefully powerful clan is being created and I am giving you a chance to join right now!!! This clan is about friendship and wilderness pking, having a great time. This clans purpose is hopefully for everyone to stay safe and warm around people we know. singles clan btw Rules/Requirements 1.No pvming during mass pking trips, no talking over people that are higher rank than you.. 2.Being toxic towards each other isn't acceptable by any circumstances. 3.You have to have discord and a working microphone. 4.Snitches get stitches. 5.Have base knowledge in nhing, since having clueless people doesn't help 6.Know base multi lines. 7. Fluent English would be a huge plus My discord is Kachigga Nibba#9492, feel free to pm for further questions #PlagueBearers