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  1. Slayer task/ monsters

    Just saying theres a thing called balancing and at the moment i wouldnt call killing 3 monsters in the slayer tower slayer
  2. Slayer task/ monsters

    I do think there should be more variety in slayer monsters since its the same ones over and over again, would like to see the whole catacombs and nieve cave utilized
  3. Make sure you Like/Subscribe it really helps <3
  4. Pk Video 3 + TBOW GIVEAWAY

    To win the TBOW like the video and subscribe to my channel. Make sure you also you comment you name in the YOUTUBE comments section. Hope you guys enjoy. Thanks to Norwegian for donating the Tbow
  5. Pk Video + 350M Giveaway

    make sure you like and comment on the actual video since i will be drawing from there
  6. Pk Video + 350M Giveaway

    Make sure you comment, like and subscribe on youtube because i will be drawing from there
  7. Clips from today

    I have no idea how it got there or how to fix it ngl
  8. Clips from today

    Lemme know what you think and if i should make more, first time editing like ever also first time pking in a while
  9. 07 karhu Road to Max cape

    Good luck! Why don't you edit your main post and post everything there!

    Jesus christ that video was a rollercoaster, excited to see more good shit
  11. Hurr Hurr RuneWilld is a meme

    I do not understand whats going on
  12. Cycle vork drops

    Seeing the same drops day in day out does make it quite repetitive and boring. Could have like a special unique drop each week? Anyways I like the idea. Support.
  13. Runewild Vid 2

    Great videos as always