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  1. Corporal Beast Event

    Exactly haha. Hopefully people will agree to use a certain set of items so it would be more random who gets the drop
  2. Corporal Beast Event

    You think I would pay for protection? If you attack us it's simple, you gonna die to a zammy spear
  3. Corporal Beast Event

    If anybody would be interested in doing a corporal beast mass *Free For All* comment below I'd like to have 10-15 or more people turn up all with the same gear so there are no advantages. No Date planned until players show interest. I think it'll be a fun way to play the game with the community. Just let me know down below Preferred gear that way all can participate and have a chance of coming away with some dank loot would be Full Void, Fury, Prims/Dboots, B ring/(I) And a zammy Spear. Statius warhammer, Dragon Warhammer, and Bandos Godsword can all be brought as well.
  4. 1: Increase Range accuracy for main pking. Sounds dumb but it is AWFUL. 2: Add proper bosses to drop their rare items. Would give us more to do. 3: Not gonna lie but this game is way over due for an eco reset.. Js *Ik it won't happen* 4: Get rid of special attack recovery timer ONLY IF you get a kill. 5: Make untradables cost money to repair *Help the eco* 6: Tax All stakes, and trades via trading post *Once again for the eco* 7: An upgraded Bounty Hunter drop table would be awesome. Like let's say a 1/1k to get D claws, ags stuff like that. Maybe much rarer even. I know there's boxes but that just don't seem as rewarding. 8: Increase XP for skilling. We here for a fun time not a long time hehe 9: Increase the amount of Pkp per kill. I pure pk and there are hardly any other pure pkers so it takes absolute ages to get loot. And main pking is too tanky to get kills without ags or other good weapons. 10: Give us a zerker preset. *60 att 45 def 52 pray* 11: I know it's called Rune wild for a reason, but some money makers that you don't need to be in wildy for would be awesome. 12: Add in Arclight/Darklight! 13: It might be asking a bit much but I think instance for corp would be cool. 14: Make it to where items do not appear on death so quickly while in corp *Or Any Non Wildy Spot* , would be nice to be able to die with an inventory of food and be able to use it for soloing. Idk if it's possible but it would be nice to see Corp scaled down based on the amount of players inside. Either that or slightly buff Raids 2, seems too easy in comparison. At least for Solo. 15: Allow Multi Log in If one of the two accounts is an Ironman. Would be awesome to be able to afk grind on a Hardcore while I corp or Raids 2 or something on my main. 16: Blow Pipe could use a SLIGHT buff. However I don't have rigour, but it still seems quite underwhelming.