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  1. Good luck to all contesting clans!
  2. Bots in RuneWild

    The bots are there so pures have something to fight atleast, as David was aware of the lack in pures, he decided to add Pure bots.

    Owner @David My Apex G, hard working man which most people don't realize, even though other games get the best of you some times, everyone should realize how long you stay up to release updates and improve/hotfix bugs. People should also realize you don't have time to sit in-game to help people, that's why theres a staff team. Administrator @G Literally the G, don't know if there's anything bad to say, you know how much everyone appreciates you in the staff team. Global Moderator @Adam Very down to earth guy, really enjoyable to talk to, and always very helpful, probably the most deserving person to be Global Moderator. @Maxed A little passive-aggressive but still a nice guy, you do your deeds as a moderator even if you do some things you shouldn't be doing every now and then. @Hovaldo Not sure if I've seen you in-game that much lately, but I know you've helped me in the past so I think you're a good addition to the staff team. @Incredible W Not really seen much of you, you helped me a few times but other than that I'm not sure if I've seen you around. @Jhaf Like @Adam you're a very down to earth and respectable guy, never actually had to ask you for help but seen you in-game so you're definitely active. Moderator @Nicc See you on Ironman alot, you're very active though so keep up the good work. @AM My swedish brodar, see you in-game quite often when I'm online, very nice and respectable guy, perfect personality for a moderator, not sure if I've ever had to ask you for help but that's besides the point. @Jadakiss Not sure if I've ever seen you in-game/talked to you so can't really leave an opinion. @Gooby Respectable guy, a little bit on the inactive side lately but you've had your active periods and you're very helpful, keep up the good work-
  4. Well done everyone, good luck on next season!
  5. I have to say that @G probably has more say than David, respectable update though.
  6. J's Staff Application

    I'm aware that I've done things that are questionable, that's also something moderators have pointed out in earlier replies, and therefore left a "Neutral" setting to my application. How ever you also have to always check up if everything you hear is true or not. Once again, I appreciate your feedback.
  7. J's Staff Application

    Thank you for the positive feedback!
  8. J's Staff Application

    Quite sure you've asked me for help when it comes to prices several times, and I've helped you. But nonetheless thanks for the feedback
  9. J's Staff Application

    Thank you for taking time to leave a comment, not sure I've seen you in-game for longer than a week so can't really relate to what you are saying. But nonetheless appreciate the feedback.
  10. J's Staff Application

    Not sure how discord has with how I act in-game to do, but alright.
  11. J's Staff Application

    Thanks for the feedback buddy
  12. J's Staff Application

    Thank you for the nice comment! Appreciate the positive feedback!
  13. What's your in-game username? : J What is your timezone? : UTC(+01:00) What is your playtime? Quick little update on current game time, 4 days after application was made: Tell us a little about your RSPS history: I started with Runescape itself back in 2006 but didn't really understand the game back then, but when I discovered RSPS I got stuck, I played active until 2012ish and then stopped and started playing "actual games". I've always enjoyed the game but didn't really feel like playing it until 2017 when I started again. Jumped between several servers but have stuck around on RuneWild ever since I joined. Why do you want to be a member of our staff team? : I have plenty of experience administrating and moderating different kind of games and servers, I used to be a administrator on Sweden's #2 biggest CS:GO community back in 2015 called CSGAMING.se, which came along with a big forum and 3 different CS:GO servers, other than that I've always enjoyed helping people, no matter what the situation is, and I would consider myself a calm and helpful person. I am also a very active player, when I feel like there's something I can do I will do it most of the day, having said that I'm very dedicated to what ever I do. I've also worked within customer support for over a year, which I feel gives me quite an experience when it comes to helping people. I would also like to become a staff member because whenever I am not doing something (which is most of the time), I will usually jump in the Help CC and help people, mainly with prices but also with questions I know the answer to. How ever if I do not know the answer, I will do my best to find the answer to any question asked. One of the last reasons I feel like I would fit in the staff team is that, quite often while I am online there are no staff members online, and there's a lot of shit going down in yell, which should be solved with either a yell mute or simply by turning off yell, but it usually doesn't happen because there is no one online. Anything else you want to tell us can be posted here: Nothing as of right now, but I will gladly answer any questions people have.