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  1. bank key reset

    Message David on discord - David#5801
  2. login issue

    In order to change your password you need to type ::changepassword ingame. Changing your password outside of the client will only change your Forums account password. Also make sure you verify your accounts email at the town crier (located at ::guide). As for the runewild discord you can also access it by typing ::discord ingame.
  3. Create a ticket at ::support discord. If you can’t manage to join it, ask for the invite link at runewild discord.
  4. Selling Party Hats in Bulk

    Blue phats go for around 8-10b I’d say, black phats for 3-3.5b. Rainbow phats however are the combination of all the regular phats (blue, red, green, yellow, purple, white) and black phat.
  5. Cant enter Master area

    U need to buy another 10$ scroll in order to spend that 1 credit.
  6. Got jailed for trade with my both accounts

    That surely wasn’t the reason. You are allowed to trade between accounts within the same ip.
  7. Hello

    Allo mens))