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  1. 8mile veteran application

    Fortunately enough being an old player isn’t the only requirement to get veteran rank.
  2. 8mile veteran application

    you won't get it with that attitude either
  3. Punx Seabass For Mod?

    Good luck, wish you all the best.
  4. Ayuda

    la carcel funciona por ip, lo que quiere decir que si tienes una cuenta en la carcel, alli van a parar todas
  5. Perm muted a while back, no response

    pm David#5801 or the staff member who did the punishment if you desire to appeal on your offence
  6. why am i not able to log in??

    If you change the password through client it will only change forums password. You’ll have to create a ticket at support discord - #account recovery in order to change it. https://discord.gg/ePV3cPxV
  7. No response from server, try again?

    create a ticket at ::support - #client issues
  8. why am i not able to log in??

    What error does it display?
  9. why am i in jail and muted

    Speak with the guard inside jail. He’ll tell you the reason for the punishment
  10. Flower Poker Strats and Motivation

    I made so many biljon using this new strat. Tnx and I will share this with all my frens
  11. you can change your username by using a Name changer scroll
  12. 45 Defence Ironman Progress days 1-7!

    Lovely progress. Eager to follow your journey
  13. Veyydot Veteran application

    Very bad pvmer but good frens. +1 for my mano sapo chico
  14. Voted twice and have not received rewards

    Once you vote using vpn your account gets blacklisted from voting
  15. Voted twice and have not received rewards

    Were you using vpn while voting / voting with your cellphone?