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  1. OpenGL UI bug

    Happy you got it sorted and thanks for sharing the solution in case it happens to someone else.
  2. JAILED FOR 19k DAYS??

    Create a ticket at support discord (type ::support ingame).
  3. BaguetteRSPS's Staff application

    Interesting read, good luck
  4. band

    Create a ticket at support discord or pm David#5801
  5. bank pin lost

    For those who forgot their bank pin private message David on discord - David#5801
  6. bank pin lost

    You have greater chances if u pm David on discord David#5801
  7. Staff application - E D Y

    Well structured application, Good luck
  8. help

    Speak with the guard inside the jail. He’ll tell you the reason
  9. Need help

    Is your account disabled or did you forgot your login details?
  10. bank key reset

    Message David on discord - David#5801
  11. login issue

    In order to change your password you need to type ::changepassword ingame. Changing your password outside of the client will only change your Forums account password. Also make sure you verify your accounts email at the town crier (located at ::guide). As for the runewild discord you can also access it by typing ::discord ingame.
  12. Create a ticket at ::support discord. If you can’t manage to join it, ask for the invite link at runewild discord.
  13. Selling Party Hats in Bulk

    Blue phats go for around 8-10b I’d say, black phats for 3-3.5b. Rainbow phats however are the combination of all the regular phats (blue, red, green, yellow, purple, white) and black phat.
  14. Cant enter Master area

    U need to buy another 10$ scroll in order to spend that 1 credit.
  15. Got jailed for trade with my both accounts

    That surely wasn’t the reason. You are allowed to trade between accounts within the same ip.