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  1. beware of arrow99 black jack table

  2. Very nice, gl on the future grinds.
  3. Looking for Signature

    Cool, what's your Discord I'll shoot you a message.
  4. What music is everyone listening to?

    Give me a few songs that are your favorite and I'll check them out.
  5. Looking for Signature

    Ah okay, I'm just wanting a transparent one so it just posts and blends with the background if you get what I mean?
  6. Double or Nothing : episode 8 & 3B Giveaway!

    I feel your pain brother, the duel arena is a rough and unforgiving place. Best of luck on the future goals and I look forward to seeing the next video!
  7. What music is everyone listening to?

    My brother is really into $uicideBoys and keeps pestering me to check them out, I've heard a few songs but I may just have to listen to them and see what the hype is about lol.
  8. Looking for Signature

    I only saw one signature on your post, do you have a separate link or something I could see? Edit : my apologies, I just now saw the actual link it's on the bottom of your thread. I didn't scroll that far down lol, whoops.
  9. some nh pk fun

    Very nice, I've been practicing NHing lately, I'm more of an old school hybridder where we didn't use overheads, just smite lol. I usually DH/No armor fight, but I'm getting better with practice!
  10. Looking for Signature

    Looking to buy a signature, preferably animated. If you're able to do this let me know and we can discuss design and detail, thanks!
  11. Opening almost 100 caskets!

    Very nice, love to see stuff like this. Should continue and maybe do another? Best of luck either way!
  12. Weekly gathering events?

    I searched to see if this had been suggested and didn't see it, so if it has just disregard this. I was thinking maybe do weekly events such as "first to get a certain pet" (OUTSIDE of Pet Boxes) so actually getting the pet from the skilling method or killing the boss, or "first to get a certain PvM drop" and the reward be whatever the staff decide, or could even do a donation type deal where the players can decide what items they'd like to donate to the event and the winner gets everything, or if there's a bunch of items there could be more than 1 winner of course. I'm a huge fan of events and stuff like this so I just figured I'd shoot the idea and get everyone else's opinions on it. Example : July 17 2021, First to get the Fishing pet wins (just an example) full Armadyl, a Toxic Blowpipe, and an Necklace of Anguish. Really looking forward to seeing what everyone else thinks about this!
  13. What music is everyone listening to?

    Just starting this to get an idea of other peoples' interests and who knows, maybe it will help some people find new music. These are just a few of the songs I've been listening to lately. Crash Land - Crash Land (Official Audio) 21 Savage - Spiral (Official Music Video) Icewear Vezzo- Ventin (Official Video) Tyla Yaweh - Stuntin' On You (Official Music Video) ft. DaBaby
  14. 300m Giveaway Vesta Longsword is fun

    Nice video brother, and appreciate the giveaway. Keep up the content!
  15. money making - PKing emblems

    In his defense they do look like cards lol. But they’re actually just tickets.