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  1. Jake staff app

    Best of luck on the application Jake!
  2. I genuinely wasn't digging, the last 2 people posted yesteday and then like 9 days ago, I was just late to the response. I'm aware what "gravedigging posts" means, and that wasn't the case.
  3. Exploiting your talents! - Share artistic views!

    I actually used to make beats back in highschool I had the whole setup, I loved it.
  4. RUNEWILD | PK VIDEO | 2021

    Very nice video! Keep it up.
  5. CoX Solo No Food

    Very pog, gamer man.
  6. purple sweets

    I'm on the wall about this, like Nasty said not really sure what they would appeal to other than tick eating but combo food is already more than enough, but it's always nice to see new things added so I'm neutral.
  7. AIO Bosses Guide

    Very nice guide, but like Nasty said could definitely use a little rework, other than that it's great!
  8. Exploiting your talents! - Share artistic views!

    Very nice, best of luck achieving your goals!
  9. Too many login attempts?

    @Real One Have you gotten this situated? It's just like OSRS, you have to use an email as your login instead of just the username, and then you'll always use the email to login each time.
  10. Troubles logging in

    @easy dubs Try joining the Discord as stated above and PM a staff member, here's the link. https://discord.com/invite/aUyFSDj

    Good video man, I'm a bit late to the comments but nonetheless, nice!
  12. help to recover my bank pin

    Your best bet is to join the Discord and PM admins or David himself, best of luck. Here's the invite link https://discord.com/invite/aUyFSDj
  13. Old Days

    Sheesh, haven't seen the name of that server in ages.
  14. Deep wild adventures

    I dig it.