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  1. Why can't enter Saradomin GWD area?

    Saradomin is just a bit glitched... Will notify the boss man about it, but to get past it, use the rope on the waterfall instead of the stone and that should fix the issue and bring you down.
  2. On our way to #1 one day at a time.
  3. Road To Max

  4. Money making Guide

    Just finding this, but dang is it still helpful for todays time, I like it.
  5. Wtf Dennis veteran app

  6. Max cape

    Hi, as I have recently acquired the max cape, i have noticed that only the original cape actually offers the perks that it has. If this could be change to all the other capes available with the max cape, that'd be amazing. Such as the Infernal max cape, ava's max cape, god cape max capes, and ect ect.
  7. Road To Max

    I have finally obtained myself a max cape! Thanks for the support friends! https://prnt.sc/ufsd00
  8. Road To Max

    Yeah, ima get a bunch of 99's all at once before i get max cape https://prnt.sc/udzwvo I'm almost there!
  9. Road To Max

    I know it has been a while, but I have gotten back on the wagon of going to max, and i have a bit of progress done! https://prnt.sc/ucl9zf
  10. Servant Ability

    For the teleportation to the slayer task, if there is a way to possible give the option to teleport to brutal dragons (blue, red, and black) if given such task instead of the regular dragons. EDIT: I guess also same concept for the mutated monsters as well, monsters in the catacombs really. EDIT 2: Also the black dragon task teleport is glitched, just teleports your into a black nothingness, and you cannot move. EDIT 3: Sorry, didn't actually try it before i posted, i was wrong.
  11. 300 Dh Sets

    Hi Friends! Today I have created a new account for the soul purpose of pking! I have given this account a set amount of items being 300 dh pk sets : https://prnt.sc/s6x8a1 My setup will always be the same, other than preference of my special attack weapon : https://prnt.sc/s6x971 This is a brand new account, no kdr or other items : https://prnt.sc/s6x9lv My goal is to make at least even and get another 300 dh sets pked before i lose my 300 dh sets. Good luck me.
  12. Server Support Applications

    I have applied a few days ago, but have heard no word, should I re-apply now that this message has been sent out? Or am I okay with the current one I have posted.
  13. Road To Max

    Honestly, I am not a person to really skill. I really hate pretty much everything about it, but as i have grown just a bit bored of the regular stuff that i do on this rsps (mostly pvm/pvp) I figured it is time to grab a max cape. Currently here are my stats: https://prnt.sc/s5fana (Honestly I don't know how to make this picture show in the forums) I will post updates through out the time i get maybe each 99, good luck me!
  14. SETS?

    I support this idea, i hate having to wait to sell set to someone in person instead of full set at once in trade post.
  15. T2b_Limitles PK Vid 1.

    Great video man! Can't wait to see future ones!