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  1. Max cape

    Hi, as I have recently acquired the max cape, i have noticed that only the original cape actually offers the perks that it has. If this could be change to all the other capes available with the max cape, that'd be amazing. Such as the Infernal max cape, ava's max cape, god cape max capes, and ect ect.
  2. Road To Max

    I have finally obtained myself a max cape! Thanks for the support friends! https://prnt.sc/ufsd00
  3. Road To Max

    Yeah, ima get a bunch of 99's all at once before i get max cape https://prnt.sc/udzwvo I'm almost there!
  4. Road To Max

    I know it has been a while, but I have gotten back on the wagon of going to max, and i have a bit of progress done! https://prnt.sc/ucl9zf
  5. What's your in-game username? - G Maul Pk3r What is your timezone? - Eastern Daylight Time What is your playtime? - I am on pretty actively when ever I am not working my actual job, maybe around 30+ hours a week or so https://prnt.sc/ucl3xv Tell us a little about your gaming history. - My gaming history consist of many long years of playing multiple RuneScape Private servers, long years of playing Oldschool runescape and even own a few server in my time. I have learned a lot about how to play and manage runescape and it's player base within that time. Why do you want to be a member of our staff team? - I would like to be apart of this team because I have put a lot of time and effort into this server, and would like to keep on going farther with my experience with ya'll. I enjoy helping as much as i possibly can, any where from little advice to helping someone do some pvm to gain some money. This server has been great for a long way now, and continues to grow every single day, and I would love to be apart of the people that help'd make it become even greater than it is now. Anything else you want to tell us can be posted here: I am not currently active on the forums, but if given the opportunity I will try my best to be as active as possible on here. I do believe i will be a great addition to your staff team, i hope that my activeness in-game, and helpfulness will make up for this poorly made application.
  6. Servant Ability

    For the teleportation to the slayer task, if there is a way to possible give the option to teleport to brutal dragons (blue, red, and black) if given such task instead of the regular dragons. EDIT: I guess also same concept for the mutated monsters as well, monsters in the catacombs really. EDIT 2: Also the black dragon task teleport is glitched, just teleports your into a black nothingness, and you cannot move. EDIT 3: Sorry, didn't actually try it before i posted, i was wrong.
  7. 300 Dh Sets

    Hi Friends! Today I have created a new account for the soul purpose of pking! I have given this account a set amount of items being 300 dh pk sets : https://prnt.sc/s6x8a1 My setup will always be the same, other than preference of my special attack weapon : https://prnt.sc/s6x971 This is a brand new account, no kdr or other items : https://prnt.sc/s6x9lv My goal is to make at least even and get another 300 dh sets pked before i lose my 300 dh sets. Good luck me.
  8. Server Support Applications

    I have applied a few days ago, but have heard no word, should I re-apply now that this message has been sent out? Or am I okay with the current one I have posted.
  9. Road To Max

    Honestly, I am not a person to really skill. I really hate pretty much everything about it, but as i have grown just a bit bored of the regular stuff that i do on this rsps (mostly pvm/pvp) I figured it is time to grab a max cape. Currently here are my stats: https://prnt.sc/s5fana (Honestly I don't know how to make this picture show in the forums) I will post updates through out the time i get maybe each 99, good luck me!
  10. G Maul Pk3r's Staff Applcation

    I wish I knew how i was rude to you I apologize for my wrong doings.
  11. SETS?

    I support this idea, i hate having to wait to sell set to someone in person instead of full set at once in trade post.
  12. T2b_Limitles Staff Application.

    Support! +1 active in-game, makes videos for advertisement, and helpful.
  13. T2b_Limitles PK Vid 1.

    Great video man! Can't wait to see future ones!
  14. What's your in-game username? - G maul pk3r What is your timezone? - EST What is your playtime? - I can average maybe 30 hours a week normally, if given this opportunity I will try to up my game play. https://prnt.sc/s3na20 Tell us a little about your gaming history. - I have played RuneScape since just about 2009, it wasn't just a few years later that I was introduced to the world of RuneScape Private Servers. It has pretty much everything that I desire out the the game "Runescape" it's straight to the point of what I want, pking, gambling, bossing, ect. Without having to spend months upon years of time training a account on the regular RuneScape. I have owned a few RuneScape Private Servers in the past, didn't get very far with them, maybe max 50 people, but still enjoyed every second of it. Why do you want to be a member of our staff team? - I believe that I can be a good part of your staff team. I am a kind and genuinely nice person, I am willing to help in almost any way possible in-game (besides giving away free money, that's not helping lol). This is also a great server, and a still growing server, I will put my time and dedicated into making RuneWild #1 server among all RSPS list. Anything else you want to tell us can be posted here: I am not currently active among the forums, but i mostly make up for it with my activeness within the game itself. I will try my best to be more active on forums from here on out if given the chance.
  15. Posted twice on accident, please delete