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  1. Shelbs 4 Staff

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  2. Runewild Price guide 2021

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  5. Shelbs 4 Staff

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  6. Calling Out NoxiousToxin

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  7. Calling Out NoxiousToxin

    If you went out with me, i would cherish you, worship you, sacrifice pygmies for you, labour for you, indulge in you, i would ignite every faculty of your being so that you may be but a scintillating star illuminating the world for those around you. I would fragment your thinking, melt it down and mold it into a tool of greater potency, so that even within the dullest objects you may see the full technicolor spectrum of potential. With me you would find every waking moment saturated with bliss as we breezed through life hurdling over the tribulations faced with lesser humanity. I would take your heart on a journey so effervescent, the concept of reality would be of a mere afterthought in the vivid constructs of our psyche. To me, You are the most ravishing, scintillating and divine being one has ever happened upon. The radiance that you exude is of a magnitude so vast, it leads me to believe that I am in the presence of a being with a beauty unbeknownst to humankind. Your way of thinking, your cerebration demonstrates an intellect surpassing excellence, as if you possess inspiration from a higher deity.