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  1. [Guide] Untradeables

    You have a number of untradeables, each with it's own respective benefits! Ofcourse, these are not all of the untradeables but these are commonly used ones and allow me to cover most if not all information. * Green highlight means it's applicable to each of the four best-in-slot untradeables. First, let's discuss the best-in-slot and tradeable untradeables. Infernal Cape : You will keep this untradeable at all times, however it does require a repair cost of 10.000.000 GP once it becomes a broken untradeable which happens when a Player dies with it at level 20 wilderness or higher, it can be obtained in a number of ways such as Vote Shop, Donator Store, Central Boss, HP event, Player Purchased or if luck is in your favor from Wilderness Caskets and/or regular and ultra Mystery Boxes. Ferocious Gloves : it can be obtained from the Alchemical Hydra, Donator Store, Theatre of Blood. Avernic Defender : it can be obtained from Theatre of Blood. Ava's Assembler : it can be obtained from Vorkath and the Central Boss. Common Untradeables. Imbued God Cape(s) : You will keep the Imbued God Cape as an auto-kept untradeable below 20 wilderness but above 20 wilderness the Imbued God Cape will revert to a normal God Cape and the ether will be lost upon death, can be obtained here (requires a normal God Cape and x500 Revenant Ether). Imbued Ring(s) : You will keep the Imbued Ring(s) as auto-kept untradeable(s) below 20 wilderness but above 20 wilderness these are lost! these can be obtained here for a cost of 25.000.000 GP for each Ring. Abyssal Tentacle : You can obtain these by attaching a Kraken Tentacle to the Abyssal Whip which will turn it into an auto-kept item for 10.000 hits, after all 10.000 hits have been used the Abyssal Tentacle will revert into a Kraken Tentacle so be sure to check every so often or it might put you in a tough spot, like other untradeables the Abyssal Tentacle like other untradeables will be lost above 20 wilderness if any other item protects over it! Void & Elite Void : You'll keep these without risk of them being broken below 20 wilderness, above 20 wilderness these will break with repair costs ranging between 50.000 to 150.000 GP, these can be obtained in Vanaka's Untradeable Store! Rune Pouch & Royal Seed Pod : You can use these freely at any wilderness level, these do not break and cannot be lost, the Rune Pouch can be found in Vanaka's Untradeable Store whereas the Royal Seed Pod can be found in the Vote Store a category also accesible through Vanaka. I hope this helped, the reason I made this is to be more informative as quite a few new users still don't fully utilize their untradeables due to lack of information. Sincerely, Wheelchairz.
  2. You took the advice, my guy! if you use that setup again some other time, would recommend using Faceguard over Inquisitor Helm (+1 max hit) and DFS to be less squishy lmao, did my own bit of expirementing with the set because I had the same issue at first which was insane dps and accuracy but squishy asf, nice video nonetheless
  3. Swarm's staff application

    Alright, for correction purposes.. You have this filth of a habit to bend rules, I believe over the past week being muted several times for a number of reasons validates this statement, there's mention of RWT in your own application which I'll applaud since I appreciate honesty but I do feel like this application is overly exaggerated to make yourself look better than you are mate.. make no mistake I am by no means a saint, but unlike most people (yourself included) I don't sugarcoat it by mentioning a negative followed up by exaggerated positives that are nowhere near accurate for example "I'm a fair player, I follow the game by the rules" this couldn't be further from the truth, why else would you have an endless list of infractions? I also see no mention of 'cannot be trusted' which is odd because I could've sworn earlier this week you were involved in a conflict with Kodai after snaking him for 30b+ and were also infracted which almost lead to a ban and considering the requirements to be eligible for Staff that doesn't look all too positive to be brutally honest, there's also "You must know the rules" bit which if I haven't made that clear already is definitely NOT the case for you, either that or you do know them but choose not follow them judging by your recent time spent being muted or jailed.. anywhom, while this isn't relevant at all I find it rather convenient that this application shows up right after the whole Swarm clan-chat was torn apart, just because the self-proclaimed 'Kings' of the wilderness were dethroned you seek acknowledgement and ways to feed your ego elsewhere but becoming Staff isn't something that should be taken lightly, it's not some toy (Swarm clan-chat for example) to use and throw out once it doesn't serve it's purpose anymore but rather something that requires commitment and judging by how you ran your clan-chat and how easily you gave up on it after things became difficult, frankly that speaks volumes about you as a person and your mentality. PS: You are NOT and emphasis on "NOT" online that much, I am online far more then that (I have no life, it is what it is) and I know for a fact you aren't, that's another prime example of what I meant by exaggerated positives, had it said 3-4 hours active I would have believed it since the better half of your playtime in the last week was spent afk spamming on Yell-chat and at Edgeville to mass-recruit for Swarm after being demoralized at any and all events, after all weren't you muted for it? Support? non-existent. Sincerely, Wheelchairz.

    I mean, it's common knowledge that it's a filthy addiction because most don't know when to stop and it's all down to luck. Sure, a solid bank can be accumulated but it comes with risks in comparison to more passive and reliable methods.
  5. You should attempt Inquisitor, it's quite powerful and surprisingly also easy to find fights with it.
  6. Staff Application

    Definitely fits the criteria of a Support, very likeable and genuine person, active and helpful. You have my support pal
  7. AIO Bosses Guide

    Just not in the mood to repeat myself and educate another Staff on their own rules, do me a favor consult with your superiors next time Greenie. Anywhom, I would usually be a lot harsher but you're new to the scene and while I might be an absolute dick I'm not that much of a dick to pick on an inexperienced rookie.
  8. Twisted bow pked

    Congratz on the lootations brudda
  9. Well damn, I was a little annoyed because you teased me last night by hinting towards a major update and then leaving me in the dark but this definitely makes up for it! Keep'em comin' chief
  10. Sigh.. @Vexia RSPS this medium sized frying pan is losing it's patience for a scythe brudda, don't keep us waiting or we'll have to square up brudda.
  11. ANONIMO Staff Application

    Aw, don't mention it pal makin' me blush over here, but on a serious note you're welcome and this isn't sarcasm I genuinely hope you take what I said serious and learn from it, improve even.
  12. ANONIMO Staff Application

    You have a knack for contradiction, the application itself welcomes constructive criticism and in your response it is referred to as such as well, so the follow-up of calling me 'toxic' doesn't quite add up.. am I toxic for expressing a constructive opinion on an applicant's application, because correct me if I'm wrong but.. I am well within my right to do so as a member of RuneWild's community and as such decided to do so because I care about having a solid and organised team, the better the team the more enjoyable the RuneWild experience becomes for users and staff alike which is self-explanatory and frankly to be honest I do not see you as someone who should hold such responsibilities or rather I believe you aren't capable or competent enough to provide for our users due to your tendencies of disrespect and chidlishness and not to mention the flawed attitude and mindset, for clarification purposes I DO NOT dislike you at all but I also don't wish for the current team to be weighed down or have it's reputation sullied by the likes of you, what I would like to do however is offer some advice and that is to be yourself rather than this nice and innocent facade because we both know that started right before this application was submitted but I wasn't buying it, take it from someone who's been on David's team twice regardless of the controversial reputation I had at the time I still managed to succeed by showing value that outweighed that reputation, I'm sure him and his team would be much more appreciative of someone who's true to themselves than someone who pretends to be something he isn't, in your case being 'nice and innocent' whenever it's convenient for you. Also, care to elaborate what the thought process was behind this? It doesn't matter who it is as a Staff it is your responsibility to see to it that users can enjoy the RuneWild experience to the fullest, naturally this is one of NUMEROUS responsibilities, without us users there'd be no server in the first place or not as succesful as RuneWild has become, it wouldn't thrive so to say you don't care about someone or their opinions is one of THE WORST traits as Staff could possibly have, could have taken the constructive criticism for what it was and used it to improve yourself rather then choosing to be childish and messaging me out of the blue with utmost arrogance for the sole purpose of trash talking, anywhom.. now do yourself a favor and leave it at that you already look like a fool as it is, besides I rather not deal with the aftermath of being too 'mean' because I decided to put someone in their place with facts. Anywhom.. since I have a hunch about the outcome of this application I won't bother responding anymore, best of luck though. Sincerely, Wheelchairz.
  13. ANONIMO Staff Application

    Well aside from the obvious fact that his friends made forum accounts to +1 his application per request, let's talk facts. You're rather immature and frankly easily angered by some nonsense which by the way are HORRIBLE traits for a Staff, there's also the elephant in the room that nobody has talked about which is the fact that up until the release of this application, you were every bit as toxic as the people you now brand as 'toxic' ever since you've started this facade of being innocent and nice, the ONLY difference however is that now you're hiding it a little better but I see through the cracks, after all you flamed me earlier over some banter comment like 'dum dum' after you attempted to kill me emphasis on attempted to, last but not least you seem to have this delusion that people outside the staff-team are "irrelevant" after all is that not what you called me? followed up to say that feedback does not matter, let me wake you up from whatever fantasy world you live in buddy because feedback is one of the most important and valuable aspects of an RSPS or any MMO for that matter that wishes to evolve and improve, definitely not staff material with such a flawed attitude and mindset. @Win definitely review his chat logs, when y'all review his application thank me later. Sincerely, Wheelchairz.
  14. [Updated] Best XP / Hour Skilling Guide

    You should have a talk with WIN because Guides are relevant and active at all times no matter how old the thread might be unless the content in question is no longer available, but who am I to educate you on that matter not like I've been staff on David's servers twice, oh wait.. I have been, not tryna stir shit but as a Moderator you should be aware that certain rules such as this one have grey areas and this is one of them, feel free to evaluate all the posts I can assure you that all of them are relevant to the threads they were posted on, anywhom as I mentioned speak to WIN because him and I had a conversation about this earlier and he agrees with me, it's common sense, logical thinking.