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  1. CTRL+Q does NOT bank your money!

    Message David on Discord, forums are dead.
  2. CTRL+Q does NOT bank your money!

    Spawnable items aren't banked with CTRL + Q which includes the Tyrannical Ring as for the Starter Whip / Abyssal Tentacle it disappears after 'x' amount of hits or decays back into a Tentacle last time I checked. Now, as far as the 'bank tab' is concerned, mess around with it a little it's a visual bug.
  3. feliz navidad

    Don't mind me, I'm drunk and being weird
  4. feliz navidad

    You hide the name bot forgot about this. Well, and this. You're not WINNING either so..
  5. FULL TB 950M RISK 2 RESTORES 1vs12

    I'm dead, multi bots in singles makes for entertaining content.
  6. Returning player

    Welcome back
  7. God, how I waited for this new mode at last something to proper grind and compete in for #1 overall. Goodbye Wheelz, Hello NOT Crook.
  8. Suggestions 3.0

    You have some valid points, how I viewed it was more so as an expansion for the singles and multi scene, a change of venue if that makes sense? Your input and feedback is appreciated though nonetheless, the whole point behind suggesting it on the forums was to receive feedback regarding the matter as that'd be a huge change, now as far as the unfinished skills are concerned there'd be little to no insentive to it unless that insentive is added, the reason I wanted it however is for completionist purposes, basically boils down to it bothering me since I can't fully complete the skill aspect due to unfinished skills
  9. Suggestions 3.0

    Thanks, although I would appreciate it if you didn't spam the forums and dug up old threads for the sake of postcount so that threads like mine that require feedback are actually visible in recent threads.
  10. Forums Suggestions

    I've removed your other suggestion and pasted it into this one in accordance with a new title, mind elaborating? Highly doubt you'll mind considering the amount of forum reports to correct stuff.
  11. Suggestions 3.0

    Votes -> RuneWild has seen an increase in Playerbase as of late as well as rising to the #2 on RuneLocus and while I do believe the occasional events played a major factor in this, I strongly believe that a rehaul of the passive benefits that come within the first hour of having claimed the votes as well as transparency on what it DOES and DOES NOT offer because I've seen a lot of claims that votes offer drop rate boosts despite that this isn't advertised nor confirmed, as far as the rehaul is concerned I would like to see more passive boosts that aren't fixated on the PvP aspect alone, I believe if RuneWild strives for all around enjoyment whether it be PvP / Skills or PvM it'll be far more appealing and add far more insentive to vote regularly other than wanting a quick buck. Donator Shortcuts -> I believe the current restrictions to these shortcuts in particular the CTRL + B (::bank) shortcut has been rendered useless due to stupid restrictions which stripped the feature of all the things that made it useful, frankly as it is in the few areas where it can be utilised it's useless as there's a bank chest or booth within reach of us at all times, these shortcuts in combination with passive boosts are about as useful as the benefits can be as the others are of no use to most of us and for that reason the restrictions for these shortcuts should be removed as it renders the few misc benefits that are of actual use meaningless, personally I am a Royal Donator a $10.000 / 500b+ rank and I can't even utilise this feature to the fullest due to idiotic restrictions that restrict us to being able to use it in areas where we don't really need it at all, I mean no offense by this but personally I would very much like to be able to utilise it in areas where it's of actual use to us. Revenant Cave -> I would like to see the Revenant Cave be changed in accordance to OSRS's changes however in order to do this one of the King of the Hill locations needs to be adjusted and in combination with this perhaps add multi insentive elsewhere, this'll be a nice change because it'll expand singles and it'll open up the Revenant Cave to newer users who won't be cuck'd by one massive clan-chat and sure there's the argument "public cc, people can enter it" but what's to stop them from banning those people and turning it into a monopoly where they decide who does and doesn't do revenants, in any case I strongly believe that in accordance to the hotfixes and tweaks to come to the cave by OSRS to make it more viable it'd be a nice change of scenery for both the singles and multi side. secure.runescape.com/m=news/revenant-caves-proposal?oldschool=1 Unfinished Skills -> I would like to see the remaining skills be implemented into RuneWild, we've moved past this fixation on the PvP side so I reckon it's time some other details were covered, it's more appealing to have a complete set of skills rather than a portion of it. Max Cape -> You should have the benefits of the cape on all variants of it seeing as some of these variants are worth bills. Misc. Items -> Implement a means for users to review the handful of items that offer special benefits and/or boosts because the lack of information has caused a number of cases where users were misinformed on what certain items do and don't do.
  12. Savages Official Clan Thread

    Goodluck lads, while I won't be a part of it I'm sure the new chain of command won't have the lack of passion that I have had as of late in 6IXTH.
  13. Wtf Dennis veteran app

    +1 all requirements have been met. @WINNINGG
  14. 6IXTH's Official Clan Thread

    You've all been accepted Our discord: https://discord.gg/PfspUKUOur clan-chat: '6IXTH'Once you're in our Discord @ mention Trillionaire in the verification channel to be verified.

    You do NOT meet the basic requirements to even be eligible, for that reason alone it would've been a no from me. HOWEVER.. I did decide to review what little postcount there is low and behold out of the 25 posts, 23 of them were spammed last Monday. Ofcourse, for the sake of being thorough I reviewed some of these threads and the posts are in violation of our Forum rules. Your posts were left on threads that dated back as far as 2017, therefore this application is being declined as it is in clear violation of our Forum rules. SIDENOTE.. You're free to contact @Win or @David if you don't agree with this decision. However I'll leave this here as a personal opinion that besides the obvious rule breaking on the forums. Your overall behavior on our other platforms (Discord / In-Game) are far from fitting of a Veteran. Sincerely, Wheelchairz.