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  1. Dohx Staff Application

    This guy is helped me more times than I can count with pvm/skilling. Its amazing the intricate details you miss that can help your game play so much. I appreciate you Dohx, I remember our first encounter at TOA when you taught me how to do it and ever since then you've been helping me constantly. Don't want to go on too much because i sound like such a fan boy already but +1 from me you deserve this for sure.
  2. Gora Staff application!

    Nice Gora! I was waiting for you to finally make an application. You deserve the role tbh. You have such a passion for the game and you are very caring taking your time out of your day to help people out. Probably why people always call you daddy Gora lol. For the reasons mentioned above, you are already a HR in Unity cc and with the experience you already have, managing players, knowing the mechanics and having such in depth knowledge of the game you deserve this role. +1 from me bud. Good luck
  3. 30 30 staff application

    Known this guy for ages. Such a helpful and kind person. Definitely deserves the role. + Recommendation from me