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  1. Event: Scavenger Hunt

    Hey guys i'd like to celebrate finally getting maxed after a decade of playing Runewild by hosting a scavenger hunt. Find the following items and show them to me in game for a big reward! If I am not online just pm me on discord and i'll try to get on as soon as possible. (Hippolord#8898) The first winner will receive a hefty prize of 10B cash and any subsequent winners will be rewarded with 1B each. The event will last 7 days (starting today) or until 5 winners have claimed their prizes. Good luck! Inventory (28) —— Abyssal head Tier 8 emblem Dark essence block Wrath Tiara Amethyst Javelin Heads x200 Silver Bar Superior Dragon Bones x 50 Binding Necklace Raw Dark Crab x 28 Dragon Hunter Lance Guthan’s Warspear (broken) Ring of Nature Magic Stock Vote tickets x24 3rd age range vambraces Guardian Boots Imbued Heart Any raids item Thammaron’s Sceptre (u) Trident of the swamp Magma or Tanzanite Mutagen Ring Enchant Scroll Ward Upgrade Kit Ale of the Gods Any Sigil Green Casket Skeleton Gloves Zenyte Shard (uncut) Worn (7) —— Imbued Zamorak Cape Any Pet Colored Slayer Helm Granite maul (or) Bandos Chestplate Void Robe Bottoms (not elite void) Amulet of fury (or)
  2. Nh stake and 4vs4 pure nh tourney

    Highlights: Redemption at 0:21 ??chillin??? at 0:49 and the last kill before the vid ends made me laugh #1
  3. Runewild Nh Slaughterhouse [3] + GIVEAWAY!

    nice, that was fun to watch
  4. Hippolord's Dharok's Tournament (BIG PRIZES)

    I understand the stigma behind the entry fee but If you did the math you’d see that regardless of how many people are in attendance I won’t be making a profit off this. I dont think 50m is much to ask for the potential to win 1b+. It’s more of a deterrent so people don’t use alts and whatnot
  5. Fuck it lol

    This guy is clean
  6. This event has been canceled due to lack of interest. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  7. Big list of suggs

    Wow @David thanks a ton for all the work. You're the man! I wasn't actually aware about being penalized for inactivity in league, that's very nice to know. As for #2 and #3 i'll try to recreate the issue and send you a video if i'm able to.
  8. Big list of suggs

    I'll jump straight to the point since this is a big list. I've divided these suggestions up into Quality of life, small bugs, and potential future updates. Quality of life updates/fixes 1. Please add an ::unskull command that is usable when out of the wilderness. Not having this command creates an issue when trying to jump from pking to pvm or to one of the wildy events that are hosted in multi-zones like the hp events, vorkath, or treasure chest. Most people just run to edge and let someone kill them for free, or try to have someone kill them in the duel arena, so this isnt 100% necessary but would be a nice QoL update. 2. Add a veng-timer for when you use veng-other. 3. Hitting someone who is veng'd and teleing on the same tick lets you deal damage to them without taking damage from their veng. This is especially important for league fights where the person who is hitting and teleing is essentially forfeiting before the fight is over, yet if they manage to get the kill they are rewarded for this by gaining ELO while the person who was veng'd and stayed for the whole fight gets punished. The potential fix for this without having to dive too much into the mechanics of veng vs tele priority is to change the league mechanics to where the person teleing takes a forfeit loss as soon as they click the tele, rather than when they arrive at home which I believe is the case now. 4. Extended anti-fires can be sold in the trading post, but only in their un-noted forms. Similarly, granite clamps are tradable, but not able to be sold in the trading post. There may be more cases like these out there. Please allow both of these to be sold properly in the trading post. 5. Hard resets for ELO/Rank/League points after every league season. I'm sure you've heard this many times before but please consider this. 6. BUFF elite slayer tasks to give more xp per hour than hard slayer tasks. Slayer needs a big buff, it is currently painfully slow compared to the other skills. I believe this is partly due to the terrible xp rates of elite tasks. To cite an example, steel dragons give 4960 xp per kill, while vetion gives 4000, Kree'ara gives 5100, Callisto gives 5k-ish. Seeing as how these bosses take a lot longer to kill and respawn, and require a lot more attention, I believe their xp rates deserve a buff. 7. Make the wiki more helpful by adding clickable links to ::topic 2801 (Npc locations), ::topic 2585 (price guide), ::topic 1245 (donator perks), and ::topic 1200 (boss guide). The wiki also mentions something about wildy pvm saying that it's profitable by spending the wildy points gained on dark crabs and amethyst arrows and selling them to Vannaka. This is a bit outdated I think since the emblem trader carries neither of these items. 8. Add the new HP events to !events 9. Credits/votes clarification - Make each vote ticket = 1 point and make credit scrolls actually give 1 credit each instead of 1$ worth of credits each. The existing credit scrolls could actually remain and have their names changed to "10 credit scroll" and simply introduce a 1 credit scroll next to it maybe with a recolor. This may also require a "claim all" option on the vote tickets since as of now you have to claim one by one. Although this isn's a problem for veteran players, it sometimes makes new players feel like they are being scammed when they aren't. They'll ask for a pc on votes and hear 10m ea, when in reality its 10m per "5 vote points." So they think their 5 vote point ticket is worth 50m or similarly they hear that credits are 30m each and believe that their 1$ credit scroll is worth 300m because it gives 10 credits. 10. Similar to how blackjack tables require platinum tokens to bet, change the trading post to require platinum tokens as well. This will allow high value items to be sold in there too. 11. Reduce the BM cost to open green caskets so they can serve as an eco sink. Currently they cost 25m, I would say reduce them to like 10-15m to open. Small bugs 1. Ava's accumulator Ava's accumulator is supposed to have +4 magic def and +0 range def. Currently these are flipped giving the accumulator better ranged def than the assembler 2. Angler fish When you eat an anglerfish to get to 121 hp, if you relog you will be at 117 hp for some reason. 3. Town crier "claim rewards" text bug He says "obtain the Immortal rank to obtain the Tokhaar-Kal." I believe this should say "Diamond rank" 4. Donator prayer drain outside wilderness High level donators have largely reduced prayer drain when outside of the wilderness. I believe since the tournaments are outside of the wilderness this benefit extends to them too and gives high rank donators and unfair advantage. 5. The ornate rejuvination pool at ::di only restores spec, not HP or Prayer Future updates 1. Reward players with more BM and/or WP when they !risk more in the wilderness. Nothing crazy but maybe 2x BM/WP if they risk 50m+, 3x at 200m+ or something along those lines. Those numbers are off the top of my head so don't take them too seriously but that's just an example. Could make edge pking a little more interesting since currently DH is more powerful than anything, using bandos or more expensive gear just puts you at a disadvantage financially and physically. 2. Addition of the old school FFA fight pits and/or fight cave with Jad. Many players come from oldschool to practice things like pvp and high level pvm so they can use these skills in osrs. Jad is no exception. Introducing a fight cave where players can practice Jad and have a chance to receive the jad pet would be very nice. I was also always a huge fan of the fight pits pvp minigame. Both the fight pits and fight cave could give tokkul as a reward, which could be traded at the tzhaar store for onyx and then in turn could be crafted or sold to vannaka for BM 3. Introduce a slayer-task teleport scroll as a reward in the slayer store or make it a feature on the vorkath slayer helm. Currently there is really no reason to spend 2b on the vorkath slayer helm besides using it as a status symbol so adding a feature that allows you to teleport to your slayer task would fit nicely on this. Since the slayer helms are also now in the donator store people might actually spend credits to get it from there when it goes on sale. 4. Add a "teleport to chest holder" option in the quest tab under the treasure chest section after the chest has been looted since catching someone who has the chest but is nowhere near the location can be nearly impossible once they get out of the area. 5. Similar to the 10m daily OSRS reward given for the most edge kills, there could also be a hefty reward for the most league kills per season. This could be either 1 reward for the entire league or 1 reward for each of the four leagues. The idea behind this is to maintain wilderness activity and league interest throughout the entirety of the month. Thanks for taking the time to read, I hope you've all enjoyed my list and feel free to leave any feedback or opinions you have on these.
  9. [Video] Raids 2 Solo Guide + Advanced Guide

    Very nice thanks for this. Definitely going to try this out when I get a chance
  10. Sloppy Clip Dump

    Nice video good stuff
  11. CRAZY!

    Whats your favorite area to do FM? any tips?