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  1. [Video] Raids 2 Solo Guide

    Very nice thanks for this. Definitely going to try this out when I get a chance
  2. Sloppy Clip Dump

    Nice video good stuff
  3. Great updates as always.
  4. CRAZY!

    Whats your favorite area to do FM? any tips?
  5. Slayer tasks

    I was going to mention this as well but I thought i may have just been getting unlucky. As i've been leveling up slayer i've legit got hellhounds, red/iron dragons, and black demons nonstop. Usually multiple of the same task in a row. Now im stuck getting back to back demonic gorilla tasks. There are a ton of tasks that i have never gotten such as nechs, gargoyles, ents, wyverns, dust devils, battle mages, and i've gotten abby demons/bloodvelds once each.
  6. Current Inventory for the DH Tournaments Blow

    I kind of agree with Incredible W, but i would support adding 1 guthix rest tea (4) to the current inv setup.
  7. More suggestions by Hippo!

    HEY! I've now been here for a month and am back with a few more suggestions! I'm sure a lot of these things may have been brought up in the past, or have already been talked about by staff so if that is the case just feel free to ignore them and move on to the next. 1. "View Your History" option for trading post - Fairly self explanatory but this has happened several times where I will throw a bunch of stuff in the trading post in bulk, and come back a day or two later to see that I have money in the coffer. Great! Except I don't exactly know what items were sold or in what quantities or at what prices, sometimes I don't even remember what all I put in there! I'm sure i'm not the only person to have experienced this so it would be great to have a History option to see which items have been successful in selling and where the money in your coffer came from. 2. Allow rock cake to protect on death - Rock cake is supposedly an untradeable item according to the shops but -spoiler- it is actually tradeable. Due to this it also drops on death which is.... well unnecessary since nobody really needs more than one as they have infinite uses. Allow rock cakes either to be untradeable and kept on death or move them to the "misc" section of the shops to avoid confusion. Yes I died and lost one thinking it would be protected 3. Allow donators to block more than 5 tasks - Five monsters out of all the possible tasks you can get is kind of a really low amount for people who want to actually hone down their possible slayer tasks to a select few for increased optimization. Especially since each tasks costs 100 points to block and unblocking it later to replace with another basically means those points went down the drain. A possible solution to this is allow each donator rank to block +1 extra task (6 tasks at premium, 7 at super, etc.). This will also potentially increase donation revenue. 4. Lottery rework - This is actually one of the most important items on this list in my opinion. The lottery needs a rework and I'll explain why. Anybody is able to buy as many tickets as they want. There are some people on this server with 100b+ and there are some with less than 100m. The super rich on this server can and do throw in massive amounts of money to *nearly* ensure a win while the people who could actually benefit from winning the lotto have almost no chance. I've very frequently seen people throw in 1b, 2b, 5b, into the lottery giving them essentially a 90-99% chance of winning and easily collecting the money (and hopes and dreams) that all the less-wealthy players have thrown in. The solution that I see is to either limit the amount of tickets that a single person can buy, or cap the amount of money that a single person can win in a single lotto. For example if the cap was 1b and there is a lotto for 1.5b then there would be a 2nd unique winner for the remaining 500m. If the lotto was 10b then there would be 10 unique winners and so on. I honestly think this is a little too complicated and that just capping the amount of tickets that a single person can buy is the better route. The lottery should be a fun and worthwhile feature that players partake in with everyone having some hope of winning, not just a surefire win for anyone who has enough money to buy 5000 tickets. TLDR; rich get richer smh 5. Golden casket after purple - I was kind of hesitant to put this one because for a minute I thought it might be too OP but i'd like to hear what others think. Let me preface this by saying that green casket are viewed by the community as having "negative value" because of the price of casket keys. We get green caskets after 20 kills, then a purple after 50. After that it resets and you have to grind again for another green. So after 90 kills we have 2 green caskets (negative value) and one purple which has a decent chance for loot but is not really OP in any sense. Because of this, most people will stop pking after achieving the purple casket or even stay on later than they may have planned in order to grind out the purple casket. How about adding golden caskets to the mix in order to encourage people to PK for even longer amounts of time? So it would be green @20, purple @50, and golden casket @100 kills. Like i said I thought this might be too OP but grinding 100 kills in one day actually takes quite a bit of time. This would also increase demand for casket keys further encouraging people to grind wildy points. 6. Give Perdu an ad in the tutorial - Perdu is the real MVP. Repairing items for next to nothing, this man is out here hustling day in and day out to make a living. Unfortunately there are still dozens and I mean dozens of players every day asking where to repair broken items and even more players who are so sick of hearing/answering that question that they don't even bother to answer it for the 1000th time. I believe the town crier may be racist against dwarves or is running some sort of underground armor-repair business because in the tutorial as he shows players around he skips right over Perdu! I was going to suggest moving him to the shops, but having a shop next to the trading posts is actually very convenient. Simply add Perdu to the list of stops in the tutorial. In general people are not very helpful outside of the help CC so the tutorial is very important for new players. 7. Allow Kaqemeex to decant guthix rest tea - Not much else to say about this one, it would be a nice feature for those of us who are a little OCD and/or frugal. 8. Skipping targets outside wilderness - The "skip target" feature on the Bounty Hunter interface only works if you are inside the wilderness. Allow players to skip targets from outside the wilderness as well so they don't have to run in and out if they have already left the wilderness but still have a target. I know this post was kind of lengthy so excuse my jokes and sarcasm. Thanks for reading! Edit: fixed font sizes

    8:11 Look mom I'm on the fewbtube! =D Love the vids man keep 'em coming
  9. Suggestions by Hippo

    Hello! Let me preface this by saying that I am new to the server and these are just simple things I have thought of throughout my experience so far. I did notice that there are many many other threads in this section with suggestions, however I have not gone through and read them all so forgive me if some of these have been mentioned before. 1. More teleports! - It wasn't but a day or two into playing this server that I decided to give slayer a try. After a few short tasks I was unsurprisingly sent to kill fire giants in Brimhaven dungeon. Upon arriving I see that 12 agility is required for the stepping stones. No problem of course, except the fact that the "skilling teleports" under the Teleport wizard merely contains 4 spots for woodcutting and 2 for fishing. I had to sift through all the other sections of teleports before i decided that teleporting to the fishing guild and running to the gnome agility course was the fastest way to get there. Although this didn't waste more than 5 minutes, why is there only teleports for fishing and woodcutting when several other skills are accessible in the server? A simple teleport to the gnome agility course, wilderness agility course, etc. in the skilling teleports section would streamline this process and really help new players like myself who don't know which courses are available on this server. Agility is one example of a skill that could be added although there may be others. I haven't really looked much into the other skills yet. 2. Monster Location Support - Speaking again on slayer, adding an option to the Slayer Master dialogue in which you are able to ask the whereabouts of your current task would be extremely helpful. Google always works but since not all areas across the server are populated this can sometimes lead to dead ends and frustrated players. 3. A "Zerker" Preset - This was kind of struck me as odd but there is a lvl 92 zerker bot in edge who is always alone with nobody to fight (poor lad) because there is no zerker preset. There is Melee, Main NH, Pure set, Pure NH, Hybrid, and F2P. Arguably the Melee setup can be used as a zerker if you change your stats and create a custom preset but if you expect people to do this then why not just add a Preset zerker build to the list? It's one less obstacle in the way for people who want to just jump in and play without necessarily having to learn how the server works. I will post more suggestions as I play more but that's it for now. Again I am new to the server to forgive me if some of these things exists and I just haven't seen them yet!
  10. Hello

    Hey guys just started this server recently. You might have seen me in game over the last ~week veng pking at edge. I've been enjoying the server so far so expect to see more of me in the coming months. I'm mostly a veng/dh pker but may eventually branch out who knows. Shout out to Suffering who got me to come check it out. See you all soon.