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  1. New forums look

    It's pretty dope gotta update it haha
  2. Food Ticks

    well damn lol im guessing you died?
  3. different gear for newcomers?

    Forgive me for being so nooby but how does this ruin the economy if its new players getting (1 Set) of each barrows.. Think about it.. Thats just adding into the game not really ruining it.. and most likely they would just sell the torags set and maybe the vercs and keep Ahrims dharok and, Karil because it's a good set for pking/wilderness; They now have starter cash and, a set to work with. All of them are good for wilderness considering they contribute towards npc's. I Feel like this should be added; BUT you have to choose which starter pack you want. Either go with the God wars set, meaning (50 hit ags, 250 hit bgs, 250 hit zgs, 250 hit sgz) Or, you could choose the (50 hit claws) or, take the starter bandos set (3x dharok sets, and 1 of each from the other 3). In the end I don't see how having a set would make you rich unless your just a badass who can kill 10+ dharok lol with 1 set so, going that route understandable. But I think the godsword's/Claws is enough with 5m bonus cash and defender if you use a valid email. Guys not trying to sound bummy but the player base is around 200+ I've seen it hit 215 highest i think not sure maybe more but; WE NEED more people so different ideas can be brought in and, the server stay active so, people will donate and, enjoy their stay here. If everyone keeps worrying about the small eco we have then we won't get no where.
  4. New forums look

    WOOOOO weeeeee; david made the page look awesome;; Whats your're guys thoughts Trash Or, Gucci !!
  5. rng in pking

    Bro; it's an rng based game.. matter a fact; every game has rng somewhere and, its up to you to add skill into your game. That is what makes games fun bro; seeing how different everyone plays the game. You may be right about some things since it is not official osrs but just simply post in forums like you did and, wait for david. He'll either update the combat or, explain how it works etc.. P.s maybe your bad :*( joking and, I love the combat system as it is now; just dh is hard asf to get used too so i agree their.
  6. Pures vs Zerks,voiders

    I support this fully; Just because the zerkers and, voiders wont have no one to fight but their selfs; us pures can actually have fun fighting and, not have to worry about insta telly after downing an opponent because a voider/zerk wants to be a $$$$$ so yea and, how it could work is if your zerking/voiding if u click a pure a dialogue will pop up saying your def is too high.. or the pure has to attack the zerker/voider first. I don't see why this can't be implemented in.
  7. future of runewild

    Man.. I d/ced yesterday in a 100m fight david lol refund me
  8. Updated 1 hour npc drop rate guide #2

    Have to go to school all this week so, the guides will be returning in about a week. Stay tuned Haha. BTW I'd like to challenge you guys for your 1 hour loot and, post your results here. would love to see if anyone can do it cleaner and, faster with better rng haha.
  9. Updated 1 hour npc drop rate guide #2

    What do you mean try raw images and spoiler tags? Im not sure how to haha
  10. Updated 1 hour npc drop rate guide #2

    0; do u mind donating me a blowpipe? I need to rebuild because i lagged on a 100m risk fight haha message me in game 1tx
  11. Updated 1 hour npc drop rate guide #2

    Working on a new one right now
  12. Updated 1 hour npc drop rate guide #2

    I try to keep it on one thread but it wont let me edit no more; so i can't update it