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  1. Fix DH holy shit.

    Edit: im not sure what the drop rate is now or if it's working, I haven't done barrows on this server yet, that said I'd like to see the barrows items implemented in the actual chest, maybe at like a 20-50% chance drop, so as people are actually prone to do it., and scale the armors so that torags/guthans/veracs are a little more common. Maybe then there will be a market for the more welfare-ish gears.
  2. Hello, I am newer to the game and wondering if the following items stay with a player when he/she dies: - Imbued rings ( ring of wealth (I) ; berserker ring (I) etc. ) - ornament kited items ( torture, fury, occult, anguish, godswords, etc.) If I could kindly get an answer on which of these items are kept on death regardless of being skull or not it would be greatly appreciated !! Thank you!