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  1. Savages Official Clan Thread

    Username - Iron Himiko Timezone - UTC +1 K/d ratio - https://gyazo.com/b76cee7301165f0100ad69104555cbc7 ( was higher but I reset it recently ) Playtime (Location is at ::guide) - https://gyazo.com/87470fec257a219415fdf607bfbcc666 Language - English Discord - yes Microphone - no
  2. Winning 6ixth cc 200m NH inners

  3. I'm back :)

    I don't exactly remember you but hey, welcome back
  4. 300 Dh Sets

    how's the 300 DH sets coming along, any progress?:D
  5. Sync's Staff Application :D

    Uhm, I wouldn't really say I'm useless if you message me as soon as I get on it's not just you if I'm being spammed I can't exactly reply to everyone but I try my best to respond to as many people as possible and also, for mods we have a timer where it log's me off after a few minutes of being AFK so I'm not intentionally ignoring you and log off after your message me, and if you message me on discord I reply most of the time unless I'm asleep or at work. Anyway's Goodluck on your application.
  6. Limitles Pk Vid 2.

    yoo good shit, this guy needs a youtuber rank nice to watch
  7. G Maul Pk3r's Staff Applcation

    Always active, helping people when available and very knowledgeable +1
  8. Suggestions 1.0

    Yea diamond rank deffo needs an upgrade on forums and the mystery boxes were a bit disappointing considering we opened so many and only received just 1 jackpot that aside some pretty good suggestions, +1
  9. [Guide] Untradeables

    good job
  10. Master Clues

    +1 i like it!