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  1. Staff Application

    Very active, and knowledgeable would make a great addition to the team +1
  2. Limitles Pk Vid 2.

    yoo good shit, this guy needs a youtuber rank nice to watch
  3. G Maul Pk3r's Staff Applcation

    Always active, helping people when available and very knowledgeable +1
  4. Wheel's Staff Application

    +1 you were a mod before, you have the experience, you know what your doing and since you've come back to Runewild I see your always helping people out making guides etc. would deffo be a good addition to the team
  5. Suggestions 1.0

    Yea diamond rank deffo needs an upgrade on forums and the mystery boxes were a bit disappointing considering we opened so many and only received just 1 jackpot that aside some pretty good suggestions, +1
  6. [Guide] Untradeables

    good job
  7. Master Clues

    +1 i like it!