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  1. Achievement Cape Perks

  2. Xhevahir95 Veteran Application

    Can any staff memeber respond to this?
  3. Achievement Cape Perks

    Does staff even check those?
  4. Achievement Cape Perks

    BTW i just found out u get 24 ether from revenants by default, 26 when wearing Max Cape and 28 when wearing Achievement cape Also if u operate it it teleports u to resource area.
  5. Achievement Cape Perks

    Can we have a high ranking staff member make a topic about the official Achievement Cape Perks like we have the topic about Max Cape Perks (::topic 3110)? Thanks in advance.
  6. Xhevahir95 Veteran Application

    tyvm fam
  7. Xhevahir95 Veteran Application

    Thx bro
  8. ????

  9. My forums badge gone?

  10. Live Stream

    When will u got live again?
  11. RUNEWILD PK VID 1| Eres mi vida :P

  12. Ironman Loot Problems

    I agree