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  1. Hey guys. since i have seen many people having struggle with figuring how to do solo tob & i have seen the official guide is totally missleading i have decided to make a simple video guide that will show you the right way to do it in under 5 minutes! THIS GUIDE IS NOT FOR BEGGINERS this guide is full melee. no tbow on 3rd phase and double veng on 1st phase. inv: https://im.ge/i/TfoFwT setup: https://im.ge/i/Tfodbx vid: this guide was made by Yaminahua / -OldSchool-
  2. money making - PKing emblems

    yes it is 25k pkp not 10k pkp
  3. money making - PKing emblems

    so i've noticed many people dont realize how profitable emblems are espically for new players so I decided to put a simple explnation about how to make the best profit pking while risking low amounts. basically the technique is very simpe you buy emblem from the trading post tier 5-6 depends on the price (usually they cost 3-6m ). then you start killing targets with the emblem until you get to tier 9 (takes only 3-4 kills) then you sell the tier 9 emblem for about 60m at the trading post and you got about 55m profit from 3 kills risking nothing. (an alternative is getting emblem to tier 10 and trade it for 25k cards which sells for 55m instantly) enjoy eaasy money.
  4. beware of arrow99 black jack table

    either he is david himself or david pay him real money to do this all day. he just clean people to make them donate. i quit this server this system is fucked up
  5. beware of arrow99 black jack table

    he just took another 15b from me.
  6. beware of arrow99 black jack table

    ok i now also have a video of all the tables turning into arrow99's table since he work with the system they dont want to let any1 else put table so if u try to put it becomes his table i will add video
  7. beware of arrow99 black jack table

    so after few more daying of watching him contantly he raised his odds to 82% however he only lose the small bets and the big bets he win pretty much 95% of the time
  8. arrow99 never lose blackajack games his rates of winnin is around 80% of the games ive been watching him for over a week in a row probably he work with david and the system of runewlld which is all about making players donate and lose the money. BEWARE!
  9. Plague Official Clan Thread

    Username: YaminahuaTimezone: gmt+2K/D Ratio: 1.64: 148 kills, 90 deathPlay time: 25 hoursLanguage(s): hebrew, englishDiscord: YesMicrophone: Yes