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  1. I haven't played in a while and I was curious when the last time this server was updated. Happy new year?
  2. I approve of this update.
  3. Idk where your sense of self-importance comes from but ty for the method
  4. This seems to be 50/50 whether people believe points have an effect on drop chance at CoX. I didn't believe this until I saw these screenshots: http://img.runewild.com/a49a2f0b0c3a5193eb598a838628c0170d37caa0.png http://img.runewild.com/bf4d926c055b1fe2545c3fdba676d0e904c9b945.png http://img.runewild.com/c21f5ccd3a669414003a521a294e25eecebef3da.png What do we reckon? Was told not to post this Cx