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  1. how does one get veteran rank?
  2. so league points are favored in rankings over elo?
  3. Lots of suggestions/bugs

    Updating this every day so make sure to reply to this thread if you think i should add something
  4. Lots of suggestions/bugs

    A list of all of the suggestions i could think of, get from friends, or find buried in the suggestions subforum. Thought it would be better to put them all in one place rather than them sitting on page 4 and never being seen again https://docs.google.com/document/d/16i7DVSb0MuODIovH9uFSkwtfmyK3mU5lBybf5mWyfYs/edit Please leave any comments or feedback and I will make edits to the list as i see necessary
  5. Thank fuck for trading post

    lmao next time pm me i got u the cash
  6. Thank fuck for trading post

    reminds me of the time i got an elder maul for 750 gp
  7. Imbued ring

    Were you above 20 wild when u lost?
  8. hi ricardomilos

    @Yaes@yaes1 @Prestige the grind was worth
  9. 1. add a fishing shop npc to the fishing guild, i keep dropping my feathers and having to tp back to home to spawn more then come all the way back to guild 2. add a bell to duel arena like the pvp bell, so you can ring it and request a staker to duel. Additionally could add a function that lets you set the amount you want to stake when u ring. 3. make zamorak platelegs spawnable
  10. There are already a few fire making guides out there, but none mention the exact amount of logs needed or detailed a good firemaking spot, so here it is: Logs ::item 590 1 - One tinderbox ::item 1511 4 - Four logs required to get from lvl 1 to level 17 (800 xp ea) ::item 1521 9 - Nine oak logs required to get from level 17 to level 30 (1200 xp ea) ::item 1519 27 - 27 willow logs required to get from level 30 to level 45 (1800 xp ea) ::item 1517 17 - 17 Maple logs required to get from level 45 to level 50 (2700 xp ea) ::item 6332 27 + ::item 6332 27 + ::item 6332 1 - 55 Mahogany logs required to get from level 50-60 (3140 xp ea) [these cant be spawned noted idk why] At this point you can continue burning Mahogany logs to 99 if you do not want to buy yew and magic logs If you continue spawning mahogany logs, you will need to burn approximately 4,727 more mahogany logs to get to 99 If you choose to buy unspawnable logs for training, you will need: 232 Yew logs to get from level 60 to level 75 (4040 xp ea) - Shop price 4k ea*232=928,000 coins [i was able to pick some up in trade post for 1k ea so check tp before you buy from shop] 1952 Magic logs to get from level 75 to level 99 (6060 xp ea) - Shop price 15k ea*1952=29,280,000 coins [like the yew logs I was able to buy mine for cheaper in tp so just check it before u buy from shops] **OR you can cut the above logs if you have the woodcutting level My Favorite Spot Edgeville Start at ::edge Burn logs until you run out and you should end up here, where you can bank easily at the deposit box right next to you Once you have more logs resume in line with the fires you just started Burn logs until you hit this wall, then type ::home From the home tele, walk behind the clan banner and start burning logs again Eventually, your path will be blocked by a leaderboard, so grab some more logs out of the deposit box and tele back to edge, repeating the cycle. If you are fast enough, your original path will be blocked by your first fires, if this happens, take one step east and continue firemaking EXTRA TIP: If you ever run out of logs and are not near the deposit box, you can type ::tournament and be teled directly to it
  11. Selling ely

    nvm my duo decided not to split with me
  12. Battle Mages are very good money, but also very risky if you do not have a solid escape plan. They are located in the mage arena. To get to the mage arena you must first go to ::mb. Then, pull the lever (will tele you to 50 wild), cut the two webs to the east, and walk a few more steps east. If you see a room blocked by two webs containing a lever, you are at the right place. Cut one of said webs, walk in, pull the lever, and you are now in the mage arena. Starting at Super rank, donators will have a boosted npc drop rate. This means if you are a super or above this money making method will work better for you than someone of a lower status. **IMPORTANT** ONLY magic attacks can be used inside the arena, so trying to use range or melee will not work. There are 3 setups to choose from when going to battle mages; budget, basics, and max Choose one based on your financial standing. (Welfare=broke af cant afford any gear, Basics=can afford some barrows but not much more, Max=Got money to spend on maximizing money/hour) Before we start, you should notice that all of the gear sets have a very weird set of armor in the inventory. This gear is the lowest mage attack bonus I could find on the server. The purpose of this is to give you a very easy way to avoid pkers. If a pker comes to battle mages and tries to kill you, simply put on the armor, then splash on a battle mage until they leave. Make sure to check back into ur account to restore pray every few mins and you should outlast the pker's patience. After the pker leaves stay inside the mage arena but walk to the lever area. From here, you can scout mage bank for a few minutes to make sure they are not coming back. Before using a certain set, make sure you read the important notes to see my tips regarding the gear. Welfare: Basics: Max:
  13. 3 suggestions

    1. A command for donors to be able to access trade post. could be ::tp, ::tradepost, etc. 2. The ability to take unspawnables from your bank using the bind function. Currently it is not very useful because most of the supplies I use are unspawnable (sanfews, anglers, super combat pots). If it were able to take items from your bank and bring them to ur inventory without having to bank, like the preset tool, it would be exponentially more useful. 3. Dark claw cant be sold in tp and is valued at 0 gp in stake/risk protection