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  1. Flower poker lanes

    As the server grows so does flower poker. Time and time again it has taken over 5 minutes+ to get into a lane. I suggest adding more lanes and I know you'd have to rework/move some things to add room for lanes at the current area but if that is not possible I suggest making the drop party room in falador the new ::gamble/::fp area.
  2. Main issue about Realism Accounts

    Number 1: +1 Yeah that's a cool idea after acquiring 99 in that cb you should be able to change it to your desired level.. That's basically the main reason on why I stopped playing on that account. Number 2: Kinda pointless.
  3. Armadyl

  4. New Players Guide 2022

    Massive in depth guide joy, you killed this bro. Very nice.
  5. 125b Pure Msb Tournament

    ign: omarthegoat gl all
  6. 130B Dharok's Tournament

    ign: Omarthegoat
  7. 125b Pure Msb Tournament

    ign: omarthegoat
  8. 50B Community Dharok Tournament

  9. Voted twice and have not received rewards

    You can't use a vpn my guy. It will automatically ban you, basically.
  10. Items vanished

    Most likely you got hacked man. I tried contacting runewild support, through discord. Goodluck man. Next time have a bank pin.
  11. zigs ss application

    I dont think rwters should be on the staff team.
  12. -

  13. Amazing work guys! #1 rsps wallah

    You're a known rwter jota. gf.
  15. Flower poker lanes

  16. Staff APP

    +1, Joy would be a great fit for this role for many different reasons. Joy i've seen you always willing to help with ingame questions. I've never seen you flame. I know he is very passionate about runewild and helping this community in a positive way. Good luck my brother. You deserve this role.