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  1. Aggression cleared from RuneWild. After 4 months and many propaganda videos later it seems big nosed Theo has finally realised MuzzleFlash are going nowhere and beating us is just not a option they have due to poor team moral aggression members finessing/snaking each other and lets not forget about the part where leaders are dying on mage bank trips to MuzzleFlash for 25b. We knew this time was coming due to Aggressions weak pulls in every single time zone MuzzleFlash had already pushed them from the chins area making them bait "Corrupt" members at GWD and audio leaking them and then making some silly video claiming the death/audio was Korosu when in fact this was far from the truth due to Korosu being "Braccins" team and he had quit the game many months prior to this fake video. I honestly wish I could say the propaganda ended here.. They then went on to make a MuzzleFlash 1.0 with "VL" audio claiming it was MuzzleFlash but unfortunately for them they didn't realise MuzzleFlash.ENT had a spy in the VL voice at the time recording the whole trip here we will show you the REAL audio without Nipsey's audio edited in there. ZERO MUZZLE FLASH MEMBERS WERE IN THIS VOICE. Pathetic E dating noobs. Most recent kill pics.