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  1. Suggestion: Master Clues

    Elite or master clues could be obtained as a rare drop (maybe 10x more rare than normal clues?) from bosses in runewild, including barrows, but probably not regular slayer monsters. These clues would differ from regular clues in that they would give much better loot (higher chance of 3a + higher base drops), and that they would be harder to complete. My suggestion to make them harder to complete is make it so that the person doing the clue needs to go to 5-6 positions in the wilderness with the clue, *without teleporting*, or the count would reset. Additionally, make it so their combat level has to be at least 100, or something around that, so they cannot just lower their stats so no one can attack them. This would mean they'd have to run all around to various locations in the wild without teleporting and without getting pked, which could be pretty challenging. Curious to know what you all think of this idea.