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  1. Smokey Application.

    1. Sorry my post count is low I usually just like to cruise and watch rather than talk 2.This account i made in 2018, my other account is from 2017 and its the Rank 1 HCIM in game name "Rank 1 Hcim" lol.. 3.I have to take breaks for college sometimes but I always come back<3 4. I would never!!
  2. edge newbie

    boy you needa work on 1 ticking lol f1-f5 are your best friends :] awk inv set up too nice vid anyway :]
  3. "STAY BLESSED" proof of planking

    say's i didn't kill him so i said i'll upload proof. he says he cleared me in yell after dying?? lmao toxic players get smacked..

    Conquer member tried to bolt rag me at edge, stacked him full hp through prayer. such a bad clan :]
  5. Just wanted to tell everyone i'm sorry for my rushed sloppy staff application. I'm going to work to fix it up, make it proper and give myself more time to become more renown on the server. It seems I got ahead of myself and just answering everyone's PMS and giving shit out isn't going to cut it. I'm going to really have to step up my game and prove to you all what I'm worth! P.s. my intentions on my hns's and goodiebag was not to buy feedback but it got out of hand with what people were advertising for me vs what i said to.. I actually have a schedule of new uniquie and exciting events starting this week! The events schedule will be posted soon today!!
  6. Be In It To Win It! (OSRS Rewards)

    nice, but too bad clans are cancer on this game..
  7. PM "smokey" in game the plate is 700m, i'll pay 1.5b cash! I'm also buying a red p hat and max sets!
  8. Runewild - Burn it down ft. Lambfish

    That first kill was sweatttyyy
  9. PvP Armour

    Pvp armour's would be a cool and fun addition, but Elmo has a point that definitely could come true. Next thing you know well be korasi pking all over again.. and tbh vesta and statius would end up becoming another item that's 10b a piece and impossible to buy for the first year because hoarders like me.. also maybe they could be more relevant if they actually degraded it would make them cost a lot less for sure..
  10. Few suggestions:)

    New gambling area or just better placement at home area, as it's hard to find the 3 small places you can fp. Trade post makes you re-log before you can view BM in coffer and claim it after items have been sold. Make it instantly clameable if possible. Spend/receive platinum tokens option in trade post, many inflamed items over 2147m can't be traded in the trading post because of this. I have a lot more written down at home, just can't remember them right now..
  11. Conquer cc is so desperate they will try n be friends and let you join and then will hit you for max.. i banked some shit and started vid when we wen't out because it was becoming obvious what they were doing.. So that's the basics of clans on here from 07.. im still worth 50b so no sweat
  12. Conquer

    This is what will happen if you join conquer btw ;] they just hungry and immature asf...
  13. Conquer leave the clan world surprised

    lol rip sets
  14. Just a couple little ideas

    hell yeah man good idea, btw i organize banks pm i show u mine on disc lol
  15. awesome! thanks for the great update!