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  1. 100% ACTION! Max STR PK Commentary + 100 credit giveaway

    Nice vid man!
  2. [Video] Raids 2 Solo Guide + Advanced Guide

    Very nice guide man, thanks!
  3. Bio's reintroduction

    Welcome back man
  4. Niccs 45 Def Ironman Progress Log!

    nice firemaking
  5. Ice Ninja

    Welcome man
  6. Casket guide

    Great guide Adam! This will be very useful.
  7. [Updated] Best XP / Hour Skilling Guide

    Thank you for this guide man!
  8. Wag1

    Welcome back man!
  9. My second video :D

    Nice video man
  10. Gambling Guide

    Very nice guide man, thanks!
  11. Staff Update 1/22/2019

    Gratz on the promotions!
  12. my idea

    ”A list that prayers that play runewild could check” sounds like its public and not personal that would be hard. And i feel like if it’s just a personal black list it’s not more deep than not just stake or gamble if u feel what i mean
  13. my idea

    Hmm, I like some of your ideas tbh. But first off things like "scammer list" is very hard to follow. How do we know that people who is on the scam list actually scammed? What if a player got mad for losing and put him on there? Because from what I understood you wanted this for players without evidence?
  14. Third week's KOTH Winner: Hentai Gang

    Good work brothers. Well deserved