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Found 2 results

  1. Completionist Cape

    "The completionist cape" For those with enough patience to grind every skill to its maximum experience cap (200m) the Completionist Cape would be awarded to players who has "Completed The Game" Extra Suggestion It could come with the Max hood when bought; both of these can have the colors customized. You can attach the hood to your cloak to create a "Hooded Max Cape" Thanks so much for your time <3 Luu
  2. Imbued God Capes

    To imbue you God Cape: Speak to the Emblem Trader at ::home in Green Robes You will need 500 Ether and a god cape Ether can be bought from the Trading Post, or as monster drop in the Reverent Caves (::revs) (30+ wildy) a God Cape provides +10 magic attack while a imbued cape will provide +15