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Today: Infernal Cape, HP Event

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HP Event: Infernal Cape

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Sunday, 16th of December, 8:15 GMT, 1 hour after the tournament

This will be the one of the  largest  giveaways in the history of RuneWild.
I know what you're thinking, "Oh this will be easy, it just a hp event"
you're massively mistaken. This will be an all out war, a test of your 
mind, a hunt for wealth. As numerous individuals, clans, will fight
it out to defeat myself with 10k hp. 

Are you going to risk bringing the better gear that you can afford?
After all, the better the gear, the better your chances!

Who will come out on top?
Don't forget to tell your friends about this HUGE event. The more friends
involved, the bigger the chances of you claiming the prize!

Rules for the Event
You must abide by all in-game rules
Any rule breakers will be disqualified

The winner of the event must send a screenshot of the client (with the kill message) 
through discord to any staff member to be able to claim this juicy prize.

You can use the command ::ss

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