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decrease central boss collection

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-From my point of view the central boss is one with a very wide collection when  i refer to wide i mean that he has many items to obtain wich i see as un fair since he is a boss that requires a long waiting time to kill him ,specifically i do not recognize how much it is the time ,i think it is 1 hour, also that only a small group of people get the kill of this boss and it mostly depends on clans because the boss appears in wildernes .In my opinion i see it good remove some things since many are can be obtein elsewhere.    

Be it the following armaments or things.

1)The dharrock set:that can be obteined not only in the barrows minimagame ,but you also get them in the crystal chest.

2)Kit ancestral:Wich can be obteined in the chamber of xeric(cox)

3)Dragon spears and dragon swords.-i see the basically useless for the this collection.

All those that i name here are the things that are left over in this collection.


I think that many of things that i name are eliminated would make the collection a little easier to complete since from my vision completing this collection is impossible with all the items it contains.


Well i hope this can be applied in the future.

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has to be very wide or alot of people would have the collection and would decrease the rarity of the set.

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