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why im dye, men?

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I'm new to pking trying to learn. As far as i know the way veng works is if i have pid and hit someone with veng, the veng damage is applied back to me 1 tick after my own hit applies to him. If im off pid and hit someone the veng damage is applied on the same tick as my own damage because my own damage is already 1 tick delayed, right?

Can someone explain what happened in this clip for me then?


As far as i can see, i have pid. I see he is about to dbow me so im thinking that since im sitting at 77 hp im safe from the dbow spec, so im going to veng it and spec him out.

I thought that would mean that on the same tick that his damage applied to me he would get veng damage which would also be the same tick my spec would apply to him (but it seemed to happend 1 tick after for some reason), and then after that it would be 1 tick until i would get veng damaged back, which would give me time to eat. 

However it seems he didn't get hit by veng damage immediately like i thought. He only got hit by recoil. And instead i was hit immediately by veng from my spec even though i had pid?

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if you watch close right when you eat before his spec there's a pid swap 

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