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  1. Player performance tracker

    Possibly implementing a player performance tracker while Nhing to see your hits on and off protection prayers also your opponents hits against you on and off protection pray and if your using the correct offensive prayer like piety augury and rigour?
  2. itemID

    hey to spawn type !getid saradomin d'hide then once you get the code type !item 10386 1 (code for sara d'hide body)
  3. -What's your in-game username?: Kaz00l -What is your timezone?: Central Time (CST) -What is your playtime?: 18 days, 13 hours, 6 minutes -Tell us a little about your gaming history.: Well my gaming history is mainly filled with playing pokemon yellow on my gameboy color or running around with giant heads on 007s Golden Eye on N-64 then unboxing the very first X-Box/ Halo combo and dominating my friends as masterchief with the battle rifle but it wasnt until my brother showed me this oldschool pc game ( OSRS ) did i find my passion for gaming and respect for the grind and patience it takes to hone your skills. -Why do you want to become a member of our staff team?: I would like to become a member for a few reasons. First would be to actually help out new players (for exp) would like to set a time and place daily where i could show new comers around RW and show them how to use !commands and other impotant fetures of this server also show them the flower poker area how to utalize presets ect, also show them bennefits of voting and answer any questions to make there first experience as smooth as can be to keep them coming back. Another reason is im pretty much always online and avalible to assist. -Anything else to tell tell us can be posted here.: I really enjoy playing on this server and am avalible to help with anything ive never been reported or muted in any game ive ever played i belive i would be a good respectful representitive as a member of your staff.
  4. Blood Lust Recruitment

    Username: Kaz00l Time Zone1: Central Time K/D: 1.07 (screenshot) Playtime: 13 days(town crier @home) Language: English Discord: Yes Microphone: Yes
  5. if anyone wants to go pking and dosent want to go alone hmu im always down to go.


  6. Looking to join pk clan

    my ign is kazool and i will thanks for the reply:)
  7. Looking to join pk clan

    Just HMU never been in a clan b4 so really not sure what to say… uhh ya …. Still nothing jk just looking for a place to fit in and not get smoked solo pking anymore wouldn’t suck