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  1. Raids 2 Guide

    I want to try remaking this guide since the Tbow meta does not work anymore. its been a long time since posting this guide and i will be showing a solo melee guide for this Raid
  2. Shade x - Staff Application

    love this guy. the Iron Moderator!!!!!!
  3. You must have atleast 50 posts on the forums --- Between creating youtube videos for runewild and posting guides for new boss releases I believe I've posted over 50 times. Account creation must be atleast 12 months old --- My account has reached 4 years old creating this account back in June of 2018. Your past 30 days play time must be atleast 50 hours --- I've been extremely active these past couple weeks and have accumulated over 50 hours. No severe punishments in the past 90 days --- Being a mod back in 2018 I know the rules of this server and haven't had any severe punishments in the last 4 years let alone 90 days.
  4. Bank Picture Thread

    Just a small glimpse. Leave the rest a secret. <3
  5. Corp

    The reason why corps drops are the way they are is because the 2 rarest drops are worth bills. No other boss is like this and so you can either choose to fight corp beast for a chance at bank or you can fght something like venenatis or callisto with better money per kill but smaller big drops
  6. Hello

    Welcome SIR!
  7. Forums & Discord / Rewards

    I like this idea. Maybe we could give away monthly custom outfits or something for most viewed or most liked post etc. I like this idea but we would need more suggestions on the rewards given out. This needs to be a community suggestion aswell so if you really want this to happen, maybe start up a list of rewards and we could go over them together. If we get some good ideas i could bring them to david and maybe start up a poll.
  8. Things I'd like to see change

    If you were able to use 100 credits to buy a 100 credit scroll and keep your 100 total donated, then you could just continue to get scrolls stacking up your donation rank starting from 10 dollars. Now of course that could be changed where the credit scroll cost 150-200 credits but at that point it's not worth it. On top of that, you still get a good amount of in game blood money by selling other items found inside the store.
  9. Casket drops/Donation store

    I agree that there should be more to the shop but it's not like there is much to put in it. I think the items in the donator shop is perfect and if players gave him suggestions on what to put in the donator shop i'm sure we could all discuss it. As for the caskets, the caskets should not be tradeable due to the fact that they are meant as a reward for pking and recently for pvming. A staker for example could collect 100+ of each casket without getting a single kill by buying them off others.
  10. !bank

    If you were allowed to use it at god wars dungeon then the bosses would easy to farm.
  11. Unprofessionalism within the staff team

    Thanks for all of your feedback I'm sorry if you guys thought i was being toxic. I simply just take the knowledge that is given to me and send it to the community. I'm not a player that likes to hide info no matter the info. So when i don't see ratlords in a while and then out of know where they show up in what appears to be welfare gear (was clearly wrong when a player sent a picture of one of you in ancestral) , i'm always happy to give them max gear to help bring some light into the wilderness. I'm sorry if my donation seems to be toxic? But If ratlords wants to come together and express their feelings on the situation, that is fine by me.
  12. making corp easier to kill

    Corporeal beast should be nerfed but players were able to solo it and even afk it. David buffed corp to be insanely hard and myself have found ways to solo corporeal beast. If you would like to look at my guide on how to solo corp i will leave a link below. You can also use the same guide for team corping.
  13. Calm - My Official Introduction.

    Welcome to the server. Glad to have you and no one can deny that we need you Hope you get a good welcome by the community.
  14. Some suggestions/bug reports

    No point In adding ranges since there are forever lasting fires and you can 100% cook anglers at 99 without gauntlets. Instead of going through the trouble of wintertodt, maybe just bonfires? I know it's old-school but adding bonfires can't hurt a pking server. Instead of agility pyramid, allow playing to make 100k bm per wildy course lap and add ardougne rooftop course which gives 25k bm per lap. 100% agree with woodcutting xp/hr buffed. Skilling outfits can't hurt. Make outfits like graceful cost 5m a piece, or maybe to fix the woodcutting xp/he by adding lumberjack out which will give a 20% production rate or XP boost. Even though raids 1 would be nice, all of the items are already placed on wildy bosses and the last thing we should be focused on is another 2-4 week MINOR Project. Thanks for your suggestions.