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  1. nice video and great content cant wait for the cox update !!!! will you be making a video for the update?
  2. reply to this post as my in game pm are off! #roadtoroyal
  3. supanova vet application <3

    my guy you gotta do better bro... there's no way you are seriously hating on another man for trying to get his... smh man #haterswillhate
  4. supanova vet application <3

    thanks man! i don't think i've heard of you either ):

    yes it would be nice for him log on again dont you think !
  6. if it get to 10 likes ill do 28 gift bag as well
  7. staff review

    aye man thanks super professional and non bias! hell ya man much respect! you are too worked up about nothing lol!
  8. 6IXTH's Official Clan Thread

    why dont we all just make peace and have fun! what do you say bois
  9. 4b Giveaway Tomorrow !!

    you coming on soon brother? haven't seen you on lately ):
  10. selling nightmare staff

    selling nightmare staff 1.3b pm me ingame or respond here <3
  11. supanova vet application <3

    ? what is the hostility? im not understand why you guys are being toxic? its just a rank for one? for 2 i haven't even came at anyone sides way and just been playing? you have 46 post and are mod, do you see me out here complaining? i truly dont care what you do with anything tbh so why do you care about my post? and your mod coming at me like your a regular players? gl on keeping that mod status if we talking about luck? there is no time limit or word count limit for my post? literally says "You must have atleast 50 posts on the forums." and what do i have? o ok, thank you
  12. staff review

    very well spoken and articulated staff you have here David! i love to see the progress and growth and week! you are a man to be feared a legend! as well as the staff they are on point with all the problems ive had thanks for everything guys <3 hopefully one day i can join and help out if needed
  13. security

    actualllllly a good idea? but im not sure how you can get hacked on a rsps server ngl ): butttt im open to hearing the methods so i can stay away
  14. Veteran rank

    gl (:
  15. Veeti's Graphics

    very crispy and sharp much respect keep up the grind