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  1. Staff APP

    +1, genuine player, very helpful and very chill guy.
  2. Iron Men

    Ouf interesting!
  3. How to play Black Jack

  4. about clan chat

    Make a suggestion list and put it in the suggestion section. will help the Owner and the staff team to work on it and check it up easier.
  5. Nice idea haha, " liked"
  6. Hp Veteran Application

    Good Luck, +1 Kind regards Jellyy
  7. H2O [PKVID]

    cool vid
  8. mady 3rd video got dwh

    cool man
  9. PK Video #1

    Nice bro, keep it up!
  10. Suggestions 1.0

    Very nice, +1
  11. .

    Nice video bro, keep it up
  12. Pking and killing teams

    Nice video, keep it up mate
  13. Last chapter v1

    Nice video, keep it up
  14. Master Clues

    Good idea, keep it up +1
  15. Collection Log

    Hm, not bad. Try to explain it more bud