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  1. economy

    I agree, this server has one of the best economies out there, and as a pk server, it is great to make riskable items easy to obtain.
  2. The End of Swab [Max Cash Giveaway]

    sick vid! xdave was shittin himself now his whole house is messy
  3. Events end on March 4th. Don't miss out.
  4. Staff application.

    +1 from me
  5. Hello Everyone, As part of my revival plan for infection, we are hosting 200m in osrs prizes + runewild prizes as well. Currently, we are hosting an invite competition that yields 100m osrs (or 20b runewild gp) to the winner, with smaller rw prizes for second and third place. (of course, my invites will not count) Along side this competition, we are hosting a 100m osrs giveaway open to anyone who chooses to pk with #Infection over the next 10 days. Join now to take part in these awesome giveaways! https://discord.gg/rGwzaEyDzD OBJECTIVE Our main focus is to take back dominance of multi. We held complete dominance of RuneWild for 2 years. However, after the retiring of many of the HR team, we have decided to revamp the clan as a whole. We expect to see many new faces and will welcome them with open arms. This is an incredible task to take back the wilderness, but it can and will be done. Join now to take part in large giveaways and daily pk trips that can make you bank! Official information Official Clan Chat name: Infection TO APPLY FOR INFECTION, JOIN OUR DISCORD AND FILL OUT OUR APPLICATION. https://discord.gg/rGwzaEyDzD
  6. add to collection

    definitely +1 I been saying this fivever
  7. zigs ss application

    Love this guy! Super nice! GL my dude
  8. Servant Pet Usefulness at Edgeville

    +1 although it would take some more time from other big updates David is working on. Maybe in the future after LMS and such come out
  9. Balance Changes

    1. support 2. support minor bp nerf but no support on drop rate buff 3. no support 4. no support great suggestions
  10. Add SCORPIA boss to donator dungeons.

    Idk bro Scorpia is a cheeks boss no one is farming so u shouldn't eer get pked there. It's not like ppl are drooling over the drops. I would prefer to see Chaos Fanatic's drops revamped.

    gratz on the smite. Sucks that u lost that last pot. ggz
  12. Improve Ironman Achievement Rewards

    +1. The current rewards are borderline disrespectful. Could easily do casket rewards for ironmen as well.
  13. Registration to Infection

    Please go to https://www.runewild.com/forums/topic/5237-plagues-breakaway/?page=32&tab=comments#comment-31904 to apply for infection! Thanks guys!