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  1. New Players Guide 2022

    Although I don't like Joy nice guide
  2. Queen B- Staff Application

    +1 Friendly and helpful

  4. Staff APP

    You’re pathetic.
  5. Xhevahir95 Veteran Application

    +1 good guy very respectful and humble, OG Player
  6. Sandcasino's Staff Application

  7. Sandcasino's Staff Application

    Good Luck G
  8. Staff APP

    Your words hold no weight, I would like to reply back respectfully and remind you that you're a corrupt staff member. Literally seen screenshots of you taking bribes from “- Chelsea -“ remember now? You’re pathetic please don’t @ me
  9. Staff APP

    Now that he’s lost this argument because you offered to post proof which I believe you have in your possession he goes “stop spamming my post” lool this guy is an absolute joke, honestly if by that 0.1% chance he was ever given staff rank it would set such a low standard for the staff team and applicants. I know he helps in the help cc but that’s not the only factor that is considered btw. I’ve seen players applications who are actually way more fitting and known and respectable overall as a character of integrity and dignity something which Joyerino lacks a-lot of. I just want to remind anyone looking to secure a trusted staff position that it’s more than just a rank / and what some people aka “Joyerino” see as a “flex” in his own words.
  10. 50B Community Dharok Tournament

    IGN - High Risk Me Looking forward to participating
  11. zigs ss application

    Honest opinion, don't think someone who hasn't built a foundation of trust between the community and staff should be place in a position of power/trust. You're also quite new compared to other applicants and players. -1

    Need a really really cool and amazing graphics designer to make me a forums signature, Please send me some of your previous forums signatures you have created in past to me on discord High#0919 or join Runewild Gang and post it there for me to see https://discord.gg/UnmYd3pbDN
  13. Lnk's Vet Application

    Very toxic player and very ruthless towards players in his use of words to flame. -1

    High#0919 add me bro
  15. Amazing update, David always making sure we are and always will be the #1 RSPS <3