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  1. Louis | Staff Application

    Leaking audio part of single pking. But Sure use that as a reason Discords having nothing to do with runewild if they ARE NOT Runewild's Own Discord. nothing can be used against him there Ddos 'claims' were just claims. He doesn't ddos and wouldnt threaten it because he dced for 300m? Nothing wrong with knowing where you stand on pking perspectives. Many more interests to runewild than single pking seeing as he has had 3 hcims.
  2. Louis | Staff Application

    All jokes aside. Your team has gone from flaming peoples dead parents to also threatening dox/ddos (don't say its not true ive seen screenshots everywhere). Noone threatened to 'kill a child' so please dont lie about shit like that. The things said were for him to take better care of his child; "No way you're dbowing on runewild instead of taking care of your child". It's fucked but it's nowhere near what was said.
  3. Max Cape Perks

    This has to be a troll LOOOL 3. Saves a slot 4. It's the same on 07 with the free entrance to resource. 6. Graves is on the other side of the map compared to cemetery. 10. Seeds is mithril seeds. Where They are used if your opponent dd's on you. It moves you 1 step adjacent.
  4. Max Cape Perks

    " It inherits all skillcape perks from other skillcapes." Big difference between max cape on rw and max cape on 07 besides the obvious reasons, Is rw max cape does not have the mage cape ability built in.
  5. Max Cape Perks

    Good abilities. Instead of increased drop rate on task. Just make all max capes (even the mage/range/melee ones give droprate bonus whether on task or not)
  6. Fg00ns 1 - 0 Mortem

    who dat lol