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  1. Search for farming guide

    Hello is there some one how can make a farming guide since the skil is new to me and I can't open the world map so it hard to find farming patch and trees thanks you
  2. The Nederlands/ Belgium clan

    It hard to build a clan without a advertising account how can stay 24/7 legend in but I try me best
  3. Hey there you all I like to make a nederlands and Belgium clan callt NLCC feel free to join we a helpful, you can ask anything you want don't beg you must earn you're rank by activity, in the clan chat , fight with us in wars ( pvp ) multi or 4vs4 , pvm merch and much more I will see you all in NLCC
  4. Price from rare items

    Hey is there a price guide for items like custom set is always hard to set a price or a guide white some prices
  5. Do u have any rare set / items u wanne sell connect me in game